Friday, 12 April 2019

The Silence, rubbish deaf film?

Netflix’s latest horror flick The Silence has only been out for 24 hours, but it’s already racked up a fair share of online criticism, and not just for being a lesser A Quiet Place. 

Viewers claim the film poorly portrays the deaf community—probably because its sole deaf character is played by actress Kiernan Shipka, who can hear just fine, according to PopBuzz. The film follows a family trying to survive in a world that’s been taken over by bat-like creatures attacking anything that makes noise.

Fortunately for them, the whole family knows sign language. That’s because the 16-year-old in the family, played by Shipka, lost her hearing three years prior. And, according to the deaf community, the sign language used throughout the film is laughably inaccurate. “If everybody knew sign language, The Silence on Netflix would be a comedy film,” deaf activist and model Nyle DiMarco wrote on Twitter.

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