Thursday, 4 April 2019

UK Goverment to be dissolved?

Related imageA tale of the tape regarding the UK's vote to leave the European Union and EU plans for re-arming Germany and a German/French-run European army (Despite Europe 40% reliant on Russian Gas and Energy).  Plus, 10,000 UK police and troops on standby if Brexit rejected.

How they voted so far in MP's 'taking back control' from the government. Ergo, how NOT to run a democracy.

No Deal (Proposed by John Baron)
AYES: 160   NOES: 400 

Common Market 2.0 (Proposed by Nick Boles)
AYES: 188   NOES: 283 

EFTA/EEA (Proposed by George Eustice)
AYES: 65   NOES: 377 

Customs Union (Proposed by Ken Clarke)
AYES: 264   NOES: 272 

Labour Plan (Proposed by Jeremy Corbyn)
AYES: 237   NOES: 307 

Revoke Article 50 to prevent No Deal (Proposed by Joanna Cherry)
AYES: 184   NOES: 293 

Second Referendum (Proposed by Margaret Beckett)
AYES: 268   NOES: 295 

Contingent Preferential Arrangements (Proposed by Marcus Fysh)
AYES: 139   NOES: 422 There was not a majority for any of the propositions 

MP's decided let's take back control again.  Result?  four more Brexit alternative options voted down again.

C - Ken Clarke’s for a customs union.

For: 273

Against: 276

Majority against: 3

D - Nick Boles’ for common market 2.0

For: 261

Against: 282

Majority against: 21

E - Peter Kyle’s for a confirmatory public vote.

For: 280

Against: 292

Majority against: 12

G - Joanna Cherry’s for revoking article 50 in the face of no-deal Brexit.

For: 191

Against: 292

Majority against: 101

Undaunted and still in complete denial, they wanted to demand an indefinite extension while they 'sort it out'. A tied result was returned on an amendment which sought to pave the way for the third round of votes on Brexit alternatives, with MPs voting 310 to 310.  A majority of ONE.  

This was hailed by MP's as 'democracy speaking'.  

Question: if just a single vote is a democratic majority, then, why is near 2 million NOT a majority?  because they voted to leave?

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