Monday, 15 April 2019

UK government says disabled aren't entitled to human rights.

Tories in court claiming disabled people have no human rights.png
Already found guilty of the genocide of disabled in the UK,  and indicted for the deaths of nearly 120,000 elderly and disabled by the European courts, the Tory party extends further assaults on the disabled and deaf.  Currently, there is no disability minister either.

If you are a disabled Tory voter who thinks you still have human rights you’ll be shocked to learn the Tory Government apparently thinks you have none. In fact, they are in court right now apparently arguing you should have no human rights. This comes at the end of the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court that the Bedroom Tax in the case of one couple – the Carmichaels – breaches their human rights. 

The Tory Government ran out of appeal options, which already cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds. Having lost that case the Tory Government is back in court spending more taxpayers money arguing no other disabled person in the UK has those same human rights. “Should the government win this case, it would severely curtail the powers of the social security tribunal,” said Lucy Cadd of Leigh Day solicitors, who is acting for Charlotte and Jayson Carmichael. 

This ruling will ultimately affect every disabled person in the UK – regardless of who you vote for. Read the source or our backup for more details Tories in court claiming disabled people have no human rights.

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