Tuesday, 2 April 2019

When is an 'Event' an accessible one?

ATR responds to a primary/national charity who published regular 'updates' on events that we can all attend and are accessible, except, that 73% simply aren't unless you can sign, as the HoH don't put on events. While sign users will welcome updates on events there does seem very few events that are text, loop, iPad, or lip-spoken assisted etc, can we see a more balanced event posting approach that is a bit more inclusive?   

ATR  noted many BSL assisted events did not include access for hard of hearing or non-signing areas, either by captioning or indeed, content.  BSL is also assumed to be a 'Deaf' assist, not an HoH one, but events aren't aimed at them inclusively but are cultural items.  We need more details on access to identify if, it actually is there for us all.  

When posting event updates let us have more detail on access please and if it is viable for us to even attend them, more comprehensive coverage of access is needed, and not just cut and paste event plugs without any clarification on content or access we can use.  If it isn't captioned I would not bother to go and see.  If it was about deaf culture ditto.

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