Monday, 13 May 2019

D versus d

Are there degrees of deafness? There are types/causes not degrees.  Either you are deaf, or, you aren't.   'Degrees' pertain to hearing loss (db), not deafness. Ergo... the definition of deafness.  In general, there are three main types of hearing loss: sensorineural, conductive, and mixed. There are also four agreed upon levels of hearing loss severity: mild, moderate, severe and profound.  Profound being deaf, hearing nothing at all.  

As regards to culture, this has no influence or effect on your ability or not, to hear.  It's a clinical or genetic thing even a disability depending on your own perception...  Of course, there is no 'Deaf V Deafened' we are different people, more integrated than the cultural side are because we don't tie ourselves down to 'Deaf' norms, educational approaches or communication options (Mostly because there is no support or desire to do so).

Deafened are 'Hybrids' in the loss world we can and do function inside or outside the hearing area or the deaf one, and even the hard of hearing areas,  we are the third alternative.    If only 'Deaf' realised this they could emerge from their own cultural straightjacket by taking our hard-won advice won via very difficult experience.  We continue to drive advances too.

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