Monday, 6 May 2019

Let's talk about deafness

Talking about ASL culture and language, not about deaf or Hard of Hearing people! There is, NO one language, NO single culture, No one 'right' education, or one size fits all either. It is all about the experience of the individual, so, there is no deaf community either if you capitalise it or not.  Since 2 people constitute a bona fide culture and 3 a community, the concept is meaningless in the scheme of things.  10m in the UK with hearing loss, less than 30,000 profound deaf and even fewer of them part of the 'community' and 'culture'.  The USA is no different. They are talking less than 2% of the hearing loss population, however, born deaf aren't included in that statistic 'loss' being the driving point.

The biggest issue holding back people with hearing loss and deafness are, those who try to stereotype them. Mostly under the guise as some 'oppressed' area.  Aka, they do it themselves mostly.  Just be yourself and accept that people are actually diverse I don't mean politically or via dogma but by respecting people as themselves and not as a label to be tagged with.

The biggest stereotype deaf are endorsing is that of the deaf culture, and deaf language, when no numerical statistic extant supports it.  It's a case of believing the hype, not the fact.  It's of concern young people are well-meaning but pretty confused on identities too, to the extent they allow others to define it and go public endorsing it creating more uncertainty with vulnerable people.  In the end, it promotes D for 'Division' not difference or diversity.

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