Saturday, 4 May 2019

Soap Opera Deafie returns.

To be fair she is unlike most deaf signers we know. 'Awkward' it was.  We expected the lecture 'This is what deaf people do...' to emerge, coming soon in an episode shortly I expect.  What we need for real awareness are people who struggle with communication and to see how others manage that.

Freda Burgess returned to Coronation Street tonight - and she was carrying a dark secret. Emily’s deaf niece, who last appeared in January 2010, revealed Norris Cole was not coming back to the cobbles and starting a new life. However, she then seemingly indicated Norris was DEAD by putting an urn full of ashes next to his photo. 

 Worried Mary Taylor and Tracy Barlow got a fright when they saw the door of Number 3 wide open. They hesitatingly crept inside and charged into the kitchen with an umbrella to attack the supposed intruder. Tracy and Mary heard an intruder. They feared the house was being robbed.

Lucy Fallon's 'awkward' first Coronation Street appearance since exit news Stunned Tracy recognised Freda, played by Ali Briggs, who claimed she had been sent to Weatherfield by Norris. Freda confessed that Norris was happy to divorce Mary and was planning to sell the house. She revealed that Norris was away at a silent retreat, but suspicious 

Tracy wasn’t convinced that the street's biggest gossip was staying quiet. Mary charged in with an umbrella. Furious Mary told Freda to tell Norris to “stop being a coward” and was angry that he had chosen not to call her. Once Mary and Tracy he left, scheming Freda places an urn on the side table next to a framed photo of Norris. "I miss you every day," said Freda, which left viewers convinced that Norris might have died. 

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