Sunday, 26 May 2019

Terp agencies are biased?

Image result for Robin HorwitzJobs for the boys?  Perhaps not.

There are about 1,300 sign language interpreting agencies in this country. Approximately 15-20 of them are deaf-owned interpreting agencies (More of an estimate at this point).  What can we do to boost deaf-owned interpreting agencies?

Generally the advantage they have is an ability to acquire information from other business owners quickly and without any immediate barriers.

Here's an idea: Let's do a weekly meet up via zoom for deaf-owned interpreting agencies to share information (i.e. how to drive up revenue, RFP, operations, Finances and more). Anybody interested in this?

What else can we do to improve this number of deaf-owned interpreting agencies? Any ideas?


How do deaf agencies work?  By employing hearing people to answer the phone?  or being able to lip-read fluently?  Seems a conundrum to me.

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