Sunday, 19 May 2019

When Sign doesn't cut it....

Subtitles are more than just words, they create a story, a vision, an understanding. They’re not just hugely beneficial for deaf and hard of hearing people, but for those with other disabilities such as Auditory Processing Disorder and those who English is not their first language... 

People are exposed to subtitles on a daily basis without realising they’re using them... social media videos are adding subtitles as a way of getting the message across to those who don’t play sound out loud while out and about. Cafes and pubs often have subtitles on TVs, public transport has scrolling announcement screens! 

The problem is we need subtitles to understand what’s being said, but we’re up against those who say subtitles are distracting - so we have no choice but to watch in silence not understanding what’s being said. We’re excluded from social outings such as the cinema because of the lack of subtitles.

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