Sunday, 16 June 2019

A respone to ATR's Political post.

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An Online View by William K? (Posters are saying they aren't able to comment here?  ATR will print any reasonable response let us know why you can't.).  The response was too lengthy to include in the comment spot anyway.  Try a PM to the ATR social site if all else fails.


ATR is covering political representation by BSL users, but the UK actually couldn't put up any of note.  I follow ATR not always certain he approves of the deaf community as such but he raises a good point occasionally.  I put this query myself to an AOHL CEO and he didn't answer, that was after he lauded BSL representation in politics on his twitter account, ATR pointed out the lists did not include ANY actual UK BSL people.  Probably because they covered only those who were visible in the political area in 'politics' and not just those as lobbyists.

What they do is lobby hearing areas about how BSL users suffer a lack of support, it's a worthy cause, but it isn't 'deaf' representation as such, a minority cause would be more accurate a description, but we won't see BSL MP's or MEP's because the deaf show no interest in those issues they are 'hearing ones' not about sign, not about culture, not about deaf schools, not about deaf clubs etc, and there is a hardcore of deaf who take themselves far too seriously to be eligible.

Deaf online sites don't really exist for real politics they are fragmented complaint/closed areas about the lack of BSL access, none of it based on real inclusion.  There isn't a single political meet in my area I feel excludes me, and that is because if I want to go I will and ask for help to follow, if you don't present as a demand they won't see any so that isn't discrimination.  Use it or lose it applies there too.  It's like demanding a car and then showing no interest in driving it or passing the necessary test. Everyone has a car so why shouldn't I have one? it shouldn't be a rule I have to drive it properly..

I take interest in non-deaf issues which is the only way really to get any respect for turning up.  No-one wants to listen about BSL till their eyes bleed to the exclusion of everything else. It is instantly marginalising yourself, and, ignoring other deaf people's need too. BSL is still a minority cause.  If you want access you have to front up and get involved using it.  Online deaf sites are anathema to democracy they don't really understand what is involved or their part in it, and aren't able to cope with challenges to views party politics involved, topical issues, but I do wonder who apart from me (Or ATR Site), takes an interest in them anyway.

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