Tuesday, 4 June 2019

ENT Caption generating

newsroom with Telepromter
I can agree with the issue live captioning is still an issue with some deaf. In the UK it appears we get the USA created software involved in our captioning and subtitling, (A la Google it seems!), and the standard of spelling and grammar suffers because USA English is a type of its own. 

Some of we can ignore, some just make no sense at all.  Accents seem to throw USA material a curve as do most speech to text applications.  Good suggestions here so no excuse for poor captions on pre-recorded stuff. Whether the system will still work without adequate UK/English-sourced grammar and spelling input... after all it was our language :)  (Even if ASL and BSL deaf cannot read it apparently).

How is the quality of ENT-generated captions?

Consumer groups have argued that the use of ENT for captioning prevents DHOH viewers from fully accessing news broadcasts, especially in instances of non-scripted news, with viewers missing out on live interviews, breaking news reports, and weather updates. In response, the FCC strengthened its requirements around ENT captioning in 2014, and added additional requirements for programmers outside the top 25 DMAs.

The FCC’s ENT Best Practices dictate that:

● In-studio produced programming (news, sports, weather, and entertainment) should be scripted.

● Pre-produced programming should be scripted to the best extent possible.

● If live interviews, live on-the-scene and/or breaking news segments are not scripted, stations should supplement them with screen crawls, textual information, or other means.

● Stations should train all news staff on scripting for improved ENT.

● Stations should appoint an ENT coordinator to oversee compliance.

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