Sunday, 30 June 2019

ISL. What is it for?

#1 Is International Sign Language universal ?   

Someone has asked.  There were numerous replies that said yes but ATR disagrees, especially when he asked what was being said and there were no captions or narrative supplied and few of that watching could explain.. No it isn't.  ISL is barely understood by most who use own country/area signing. These videos are unviewable outside the European Union who promotes sign as a matter of rote more than in support of it.  The WFD is a joke mostly.  Omitting speech and captions is depriving most deaf of actual access UNLESS they use this 'ISL' (Which is discrimination actually).  It's a novelty concept a 'one sign that fits all..' but is unlikely to happen given the growing demands for own country recognition and the considerable variation of skills and education.  

You have to be pretty expert and fluent in at least one signed access area to be 'bilingual' in another, or you have no 'in' to it. Since when did sport need a signed narrative anyway? 

Those of you who can remember 'Deaf Mosiac' will recall it took SIX interpreters to hold a discussion when just 3 signers were discussing world sign language access, the cross-translation issue dissolved pretty much to Farce when after it finished deaf asked what on earth the debate was about and the ASL contingent complained mainly because demands for a signing 'Norm' are opposed via the Deaf on the grounds it opposes regional signing and norms.  It's like asking us all to learn Chinese/Spanish/English after all, more people speak that so...

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