Tuesday, 18 June 2019


Graham Sage with his Cocker Spaniel Jovi who has allowed him to continue his dream of teaching
There was no other way to alert the teacher in a classroom?  Surely an animal is a distraction in a children's class?

A deaf primary school teacher is able to continue working in the classroom thanks to his hearing dog assistant. Graham Sage's Cocker Spaniel Jovi alerts him with a tap if a pupil raises their hand when his back is turned, and lets him know when the school bell rings. 

Mr Sage, 29, who works at Moulsford Preparatory School in Wallingford, Oxford, says the faithful hound helps him lead a 'normal' life and has allowed him to follow his dream of being a teacher. He has been slowly going deaf since adolescence, but he realised after a few years teaching that it was becoming a problem and was more difficult than it should have been.  

Mr Sage said: 'There were occasions when the fire alarm would go off in a lesson and I couldn't hear it.

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