Monday, 17 June 2019

Shut up!

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Social media and the hearing aid user, not happy restaurants and other publicly accessible areas are too noisy and denigrate their social access.   The initial post suggested we should sue noisy establishments or demand designated quieter areas for those with hearing loss. Four responses here...

#1  I have to say that even though I have a terrible time in restaurants bc I can't filter sound, I don't consider it discrimination that that is the case. Other people are entitled to dine and talk and enjoy and it would be terribly presumptuous of me to say, " I can't understand the people I am with so the rest of you need to shut the eff up." I refuse to insist upon accommodations that are limiting to other people's use/enjoyment of a facility simply because I can't hear well. 

#2 Yes, its a fine line if we all start demanding others shut up, or, insist on designated areas it sets a precedent that works against us in the long run. I eat out regularly I haven't found it a real issue with background noise because I am deaf anyway lol, but I take the point those with a hearing aid (I had one too), not really being able to have a quiet meal out stress free socialising because the world has become a very noisy place and for reasons never really explained. 

Image result for shut up#3 My theory is that noise is essential to many people's lives because they don't cope with silences well, and because noise suggests you are in the midst of it all, it's even fun, as we know it can be the exact opposite. 

#4 I've been in restaurants where the staff simply cannot hear what I am ordering yet fail to turn the noise down and shout at you all the time which does not help my lip-reading much! These areas if I still attend them I read the menu use my phone to copy what I want, or use a notebook app and pass the phone over to them, but, they still do not understand why I am doing that really, they are fully acclimatised to the noise around them. I've taken to going out to certain places and at certain times when the crowds aren't there, that is the issue really, more people mean more noise simples. These places can well survive with or without my custom so...

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