Thursday, 11 July 2019

Food Banks not an answer?

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The alarming growth of food banks in the western and 'civilised' world appears to debunk the myth of an educated, humane or wealthy set up that cares about its vulnerable in the population.  It is said the USA one of the wealthiest countries in the world with huge resources is at the top of neglecting its poor and vulnerable as is the UK, by denying them jobs, dignity, good health, support or food to eat.  

Mostly they assuage this by insisting 'We send billions supporting those people in the 3rd world', hardly justification starving your own to support someone starving elsewhere is it?  The logic is obscene.  The only answer is not more free food but us all addressing the reason people cannot afford to eat properly. These worthy efforts have a disturbing way of becoming an acceptable norm, and once that happens that's it. All charities have a nasty habit of making themselves indispensable and self-perpetuating, thus allowing the government to opt out of its responsibilities, catch 22. 

Short term needs being met is fine but should never be viewed as a long term set up. This has led to national charities who wanted to 'help' in some way to become corporate establishments and part of an alternative poorly funded supportive system lasting years and years, of course, it' becomes THE system then, as the state opts out entirely of its moral and ethical responsibilities.    if a charity thus fails, then, they take the blame too.   It doesn't stop the state taxing us all to buggery just the same 'to meet those needs', does it? and leaving actual funding and support to the vagaries of the begging bowl, despite it too now being a corporate set up as charities pay others to ask for the money for a percentage, so even misery has to make a profit.....

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