Thursday, 4 July 2019

The UK turns its back on Europe.

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And the opposition swears at them in the EU parliament. Perhaps Federalism isn't what it is hyped up to be?  Days after this protest,  Germany and France openly pressurised and bribed, other member representatives to ensure their own preferred people took the top Brussels jobs after poorer eastern bloc states tried to block them  2 days running, on grounds Germany and France had left their countries wide open to terrorists and illegal immigrants and then abandoned them.   

Whilst most Brits don't trust Trump any further than they trust the EU, (Sorry bleached chicken just isn't going to happen here), getting away from this very undemocratic and feudal set up cannot come too soon.  Brit anti-EU MEP's are there to frustrate the EU as much as they are able but still fully endorsed by the UK voter as the largest sector of MEPs despite biased remainer claims to the contrary.

I suppose we could declare war on China re Hong Kong as a diversion and send a few patrol boats there lol (That'll make the Chinese shudder I'm sure)....  Meanwhile, the Deaf-UK site insists Corbyn will save the day (If he can manage without his Zimmer for the day that is.  I think the yanks should be happy they only have Trump to contend with.  It's all happening here lol  Brits behaving badly?  It's what we do well.

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