Sunday, 21 July 2019

Trustees leaving BDA over concerns about its direction.

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Tale of the tape....

February David Buxton leaves the BDA, 

May, Robert Adam, and Alex Dury leave.  

July, Ashley Kendall has.   

View Ashley's reasons here.    Just what IS going on at the British Deaf Association? (Apart from them still rooted in the 19th and 20thc!).  Has dogmatic cultural pursuit done if for the BDA?  Bad financial management? or oppressive and bullying leadership?  If they cannot hold their dynamic youth its all over for them isn't it?

Feedback (More on the site):

#1  "Thanks Ashley there is a law that allows people to speak out ‘whistle blowing’ this protects people who have to speak out. I’m afraid I personally lost faith in the BDA a long time ago over other issues but that was then ., now is now. If the charity is failing it it’s charitable object .. if it is not performing its duties. If trustees have no faith in the trustees the chair to function then it has a duty to report it .. well done for speaking out ... let’s hope something happens to save it , to unite deaf people and to become fit for today’s and the future needs times are a-changing."

#2  "What a dreadful state of affairs. Thank you Ashley for your honesty and integrity. You did the right thing in stepping down - there is no need to apologise because it’s clear from your vlog that the situation was beyond your control. I am a new-ish Member, and I don’t feel duly informed from the current Chair or the remaining Board about what’s happened. I’m not happy about that because it shows a lack of transparency and accountability. That is very serious. So I truly appreciate, so far, you and Abi giving your reasons as best you could. Thank you for that, and for all your hard work and commitment over the years. I’m incredibly sad too - things were looking so bright for the BDA and its new Board only a few years ago. But if we members have no confidence in the existing governance, then a vote of no confidence it shall be. 😢"

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