Saturday, 20 July 2019

What the Disabled are up against...

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Ignorance and arrogance combined with poor awareness mostly.  A recent Tweet from the 'elite' deaf area.

When you say you’re deaf and they put you in a disabled hotel room... 🤦‍♀️ I’m able bodied, just can’t hear, feel another disabled person would be losing out! Oh and the tv has no #subtitles ! 👍🏻

I don't think such views help us to be inclusive much, we aren't 'more able' than anyone else, just check on the amount of 'support' deaf need (Including subtitling!),  THEN say deaf aren't disabled. Or even nobody there understanding sign... As regards to nil subtitling,  most of us check before booking a room not complain after, when hotel staff were not informed you need them.

The deaf also claim the highest welfare/disability benefits in the UK.   They are acknowledged as severely disabled by the UK's primary assessment areas, the Health Service, and the DWP.   For those who don 't know go look at 'Sensory disabled' definitions or even own BSL campaigns for deaf access...

The assumption that if everyone learns BSL, then problem solved, is naive as well as uninformative and basically false.  Isolation, poor mental health (Also a disability), communication issues, different assistive needs, educational and learning issues.  So OK, we can walk on two legs but....... its where lack of hearing takes us, not them.

It's just another pointless rant to promote... what exactly?  It makes us look arrogant towards others... when we have no grounds at all for adopting that attitude.

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