Thursday, 5 September 2019

10 Reasons why why lip-reading fails

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From the Hard of Hearing media...

(1) "Subtitles have made me lazy. I used to be good reading lips. Now I find myself struggling. Got a job and need that skill and its too late." 

(2) "Why oh why don’t people come with subtitles?"

(3) "Lip-reading is a skill. Subtitles require reading like a book. So basically it depends on your literacy."

(4) "Prior to subtitling/texting, my lip-reading was far better than it is now, it's probably why these deaf signing people don't want it on their vlogs, people won't watch the sign then, unfortunately this kills their own awareness then because others have no 'In' to what they are saying, they are demanding access but cannot cope with the equal provision of it."

(5) "Texting on phones usually mean more effective contact but no impetus to lip read or even meet up to do that. I believe Hard of Hearing have opted for text as their primary communication alternative, you cannot lip-read the TV or Face-Time anyway."

(6) "Japan developed a subtitled radio set because HoH didn't want to sign." 

(7) "Most readers here rely almost totally on text/titles, their and my desire mostly, is to have effective, unobtrusive, and real-time access to speech to TEXT, there is no demand from us for speech to be lip-spoken is there?"

(8) "The skill isn't taught properly that's why,  its random, too hard, most students are older people who need one on one intensive help, and classes don't provide that, such skills almost totally rely on having enough useful hearing, it's pointless mainly given the skill is to enable without it. Soon as the hearing goes so does the skill again."

(9) "People are poor speakers, you can't read most at all, you are either a good guesser or a complete idiot, I cannot understand people who try to bluff it...I don't get embarrassed asking them to write it own or use text on the phones they carry, everyone has one now not a problem really, pride doesn't create awareness it is an obstacle to it.  I think it  a myth people won't accommodate us, the reality is we lack the confidence to ask."

(10)  "There is no lip-speaking support or back up, so it's pointless..."

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