Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Android 10 Launched with Focus on Hearing Loss Accessibility

Google Delivers Live Caption, Live Transcribe, Sound Amplifier, and Long-Awaited Hearing Aid Support.  Google's long-awaited update to its Android smartphone operating system is finally here. As expected, it's chock-full of major accessibility improvements for people with hearing loss and hearing aids. And it's already providing wireless streaming directly to hearing aids from Google's Android Pixel phones. Android 10 has updated its homepage to reflect the Android 10 launch. 

Android 10 (formerly known as the Android Q beta) delivers on Google's much-hyped promise to deliver the features that people with hearing loss have been clamouring for. In addition to wireless streaming to hearing aids, the features include live transcriptions of conversations, live captioning of web videos and podcasts, and amplification with sound processing for better clarity and comprehension of smartphone audio. 

The new software is a major step in meeting the demand for Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. While Apple collaborated with major hearing aid manufacturers years ago to deliver Made-for-iPhone hearing aids, Google has only recently started to keep pace. Google is now committed to helping hearing aid manufacturers deliver Android-compatible hearing aids through Google’s new Audio Streaming for Hearing Aid (ASHA) protocol. 

It's been a long wait, but with Android 10, it is finally delivering. Android 10 is available starting today on Google Pixel phones via a software update.

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