Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Are we the Solution, or the Problem?

More hand wringing and frustration online from the hearing aid users just not getting that message through when the hearing aid doesn't cut it for them.  Deaf awareness has long since failed but hearing loss awareness never got off the ground it seems.

#1  I agree that the I usually have to give the deaf awareness training! In the past couple of years I have been more assertive and open about the issues I have with hearing loss and how people can work with me so I can communicate. I would encourage everyone to have the confidence to be open about their hearing loss as I generally have had a much more positive experience when I explain it. 

#2  Most people do listen - though it is sometimes a challenge to get them to remember to follow through at all times! There are a few who think I am making excuses - something which a lot of people in this group seems to experience. The posts on this group shows that what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the next person - I just hate assumptions - the common one being that I can hear because I wear hearing aids.

#3  Absolutely. HAs are not like spectacles they don't "correct" hearing loss although they can help.

#4  I found the HA a problem, because the assumption was with an HA you can hear OK again, and if you struggled to follow they would become critical and annoyed and tell me to 'Turn it up!' or 'Get a new battery in it..' etc.  Sometimes followed by 'Are you deaf, daft or what?'

It was difficult explaining hearing aids are by definition an 'Aid', not a cure. Of course, many of my peers HID their HA behind long hair etc or bought ones that were 'invisible' or adopted the 'Nod' of assent to disguise the fact they did NOT hear what was said, I was never sure if others were the problem or we are.

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