Saturday, 7 September 2019

High Functioning Autsim.

ATR has an Autistic son. Too many myths abound about those with Autism, it seems a lot stems from a few films like 'Rain Man' that came out that did not show the range or degrees OF Autism and a myth then evolved all Autstics were high functioning.  In some areas, it became some sort of fashionable issue to excuse bad behaviour and got confused with ADHD. This had a knock-on effect of autistics being attacked or ignored even called bad people, some parents started doubting the medical opion and diagnosis and themselves.

There are autistics with no speech, autistics who never stop speaking, some who have brilliant minds and others unable to read, write, communicate or relate to anyone or anything.  Not all autistics have mental health issues.  They just see the world differently from us.  What can affect them can be anything from a colour, a feeling, or a sound.  My son would not enter certain shops despite there being no obvious difference to one entered before.  You just have to go with it.  It may be the lighting is too strong, not enough, or the actual layout of the shop disorientates him or a man or woman he observed coughing in there.

He will tell off people if they cough, it really unsettles him.  High functioning autism demands higher acceptances of accommodating it, just as it does with low functioning autistics.  As no two are the same there is no set rule to lay down and no set awareness to deliver.  Like deaf or disabled we are all different and all have our own idea of how acceptance and being accommodated works best for us.  Why should it be different from anyone else?  What IS the 'norm' anyway?

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