Monday, 9 September 2019

My Cultural ID.

Hi my name is MaKenna Dearborn and I wrote a lot of stuff down for this assignment because 00:05 I just wanted to get all my ideas and things out there before I recorded myself.

00:10 So here is goes when I was younger I didn't really know a lot about my background I think

00:17 it was a very typical suburban middle class.

00:20 I went to private school and my parents raised me as Christian but then in middle school

00:26 they switched to catholicism and I remember being very confused and uh around that time

00:33 I went with my maternal grandmother and aunt back to Minnesota to uhmm for a family reunion

00:43 and this was back in 2007 and I remember I was able to see original farm house that my

00:52 ancestor built by hand when they moved here from Czech but I don't know much else about

01:00 uhhmm where they were there because I know some other family went back there to find

01:10 more information but because of World War II a lot of things were destroyed in the war. 01:18 In eighth grade I did an assignment on my paternal great grandfather who served during

01:25 World War II and his family was from Minsk on the border of Russia.

01:30 He..

01:32 I remember my grandmother telling me that she had a hard time communicating with her

01:37 grandparents because they had really strong accents and spoke yiddish.

01:41 So I thought that was really interesting and she also talked to me about the other side 01:45 of the family and I think thats the side I connect with most because I've been out there

01:50 to see my disant family and I've tried to adapt to a lot of the cultural aspects from Sweden

01:59 Ive participated in a lot of events.

02:01 Ive done Midsummer down at Balboa Park because its like a big celebration

02:05 Celebrate the longest day of the year in Sweden. That's always a fun event to go to and then

02:12 we tried One year I tired to do a Christmas Eve smorgasborg which is basically like a buffet but with

02:18 traditional swedish dishes like Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam, and ham.

02:26 Very traditional Swedish stuff but I guess I would consider it close to an American Buffet

02:33 When I was around 20 I got the 23 and me kid that showed me my ancestry composition so

02:39 that was something I am really interested in.

02:41 I'm just really a big background but my largest percentage is Scandinavian and that was about 02:52 22%.

02:53 So I really tried to dwelve or dive in and understand my background and try to learn

03:03 more things culturally about the different places and where my ancestors were from

03:10 Recently I've been more and more going to Deaf events.

03:14 I don't want to go so far that I'm involved in Deaf cultural but Id say I have a big appreciation

03:21 for it and its something that I value.

03:24 I have a good amount of Deaf friends and because of the career I chose in teaching ASL and

03:29 especially with hearing students there's a lot of misconceptions and a lot of uneducated

03:35 responses so I feel like its important to educate them and when I'm out

03:41 with my Deaf friends I never feel like I should have to advocate for them or help them but

03:46 if they ask me of course I will.

03:48 I think its umm its such a touchy subject because I know that Deaf people value their

03:57 community and because I'm a hearing person its not something you can just jump into and

04:02 something you have to earn that right to be connected to the community and uhhmm

04:12 I think its important so I guess thing I can do to describe my cultural background

04:20 as whole is that its very diverse very mixed so I think that's primarily every American.

04:30 Everyone comes from different places and different background, values.

04:36 Many thanks for listening, I mean watching!

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