Friday, 13 September 2019

Sign health now with text?

Had the charity and BSL area NOT been so dogmatic about access, subtitling and captions could have been put on their own health relay systems day one, they are just now offering an alternative service costing more duplicating existing access elsewhere...  Sign Health only started text inclusion after complaints went in to the charity commission from deaf people on social media who were left out of health access by sign-only 'access'

How does Sign Health acquaint real access with NOT pushing for inclusion of deaf people to already established services?  The issue is lack of access to localised mental health help, and opposition to deaf clients using interpreter support by deaf organisations, and the NHS.  Deaf Access, after all, is a right anyway.   Why are we having to allow these sort of setups instead by-passing the right?  It's a charity creating work for itself?

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