Friday, 13 September 2019

Who is to blame for discrimination?

Image result for brexit or bustSocial media debating the point the opposition party led by Jeremy Corbyn is the only person able to address state institutional discrimination against the deaf and disabled.  

Currently, the UK situation is that your elected representative feels he or she is NOT obliged to ensure he respects your vote that got him elected, his party's aim, his leaders directive, or respect a national referendum decision, he can also, while still in  office decide to join a different political party  if they want, riding on your vote.  I wonder if this could happen in the USA?

The issue of discriminations is rightly laid at our own Government's door. For those bemoaning Brexit all we can say is 45 years of membership has done nothing to enhance our access, inclusion or rights, which Mr Corbyn claims they do. In reality, the EU can and does pass any amount of laws to member states (1,000s last year from farming to crossing the road),  and made by unelected people, a direct contrast allegedly with our own form of democracy that demands this day only elected representatives can pass laws.  Germany and France installed own people to ensure they got the decisions they wanted and overruled Poland and other member states to get their way.  Germany is now virtually in recession mode overrun by 1.4m immigrants they are unable include, manage, educate, or accommodate.

France allows their seashores to be used as 'beachheads', to ferry illegals to the UK, they demand no change unless the UK pays them to police their own borders we already pay them to police their own ports and railheads.  

The last word is our own government, not Brussels, who moved the goalposts to 'each according to own', re disability rights, thus dividing the disabled who could only get rights and fairness by lobbying on an individual basis, and even if they won a precedent, it would only apply to that individual, forcing us all to try doing the same.  Our disability campaigners were sold a pup.  We conned ourselves into this situation by buying the argument we should all go it alone as only 'we' know what is needed for us, that does NOT work, since there is no demand seen and no unity of inclusion WITH disabled people. It became a free-for-all.  The Deaf V deaf V HoH v Disability sector is just one disabled area at huge odds with itself.

In order to tackle discriminations at source, we need a 'clear run' at those instigating them i.e. our own Parliament. Mr Corbyn is not the person to do that given he supported the instigation of the hated PIP welfare allowance,  e.g. He also voted 17 times against EU membership and is at odds with own party who want him to do what he is told by shadowy members of the 'Momentum' advisory group, a hard-left junta of vested interest and who have supported illegal immigration, European rapists, European child abusers, people smugglers, and protected Irish and Middle-eastern terrorists while practising anti-Jewish hatred in the Labour party.  These people are based in Jeremy Corbyn's own constituencies and those of his 'shadow cabinet'. A random mob of failed 'focus group' failures with a chip on their shoulders.

In 2005, 14 YEARS ago, the EU said British sign language must be recognised, and 10 years after the equality Act was installed,  today it is unenforceable in education etc via parental right of choice and the government won't debate its inclusion. They and parents voted with their feet and closed deaf schools to utilise mainstream and 'inclusion' policies, to discourage its use. The EU is/was unable to do anything because EU laws are a 'suggestion', not a legal directive..' so the UK duly ignored it.   Rights meant parent are able to overrule.  The state said you cannot have inclusion via exclusivity.  The playing field must be levelled.

The EU did NOT enhance workers rights, the UK Unions did that over 120 years, it was our own government who took them away again, the EU powerless.  It's only 'success' being gender rights albeit stats say this is going downhill again.  The UK installed a gig economy instead, removing the worker status AS employed which would mean holiday and sick support etc.  We should leave out the EU involvements altogether and take our enemy (Our own government and MP's), to task instead, not least because we need to withdraw the singular approach to disability rights and make even precedent MEAN an enforceable law for all. 

Equality, anti-discrimination, rights, and inclusion isn't worth a shit as current laws exist.   They are a suggestion no one really has to comply with and we cannot legally enforce.  We don't have free legal aid, which is another thing we need to change or, we cannot challenge. The DWP state welfare arm has millions of taxpayers money at its disposal to counter anyone that objects to what they do, legal aid would empower disabled to challenge that.  

The EU superstate has failed and its primary members are in austerity mode and worse.  The very image of dire warnings if we leave just shows how much the EU has destroyed the ability of the UK to look after its own, mostly in pursuit of profit since the UK has never in all the time it has been a member had any itself.  We've been asset-stripped.  Leaving the EU and starting all over again is what we have to do or remain a 'piddling little Island stuck on the end of Europe'....

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