Monday, 2 September 2019

W.I.T.S. and deaf relay options.

Wonder if there is a free search/support service provision for the deaf who require text, Signed English, or lip speaking?  Searches have produced nothing so far.  All deaf don't sign so WITS really needs to make this clear and be a bit more helpful and inclusive even if their wages just come from the BSL people, awareness is being distorted and biased causing hardship to non-signing deaf and Hard of Hearing.  The BSL people are a minority, not a majority in need.  Frankly far better served than any other hearing loss sector in the UK, perhaps the ONLY area that is receiving or has a national support base.  Interpreting via WITS ISN'T just sign language.  We are also not informed freelance Interpreters that consist of the majority of BSL terps are at loggerheads with WITS who are driving their wages down and casuing support issues for deaf people as a  result..

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