Wednesday, 30 October 2019

British Deaf Association unable to do business?

Image result for BDA deafRecent update on the EGM of the BDA to debate the serious loss of 7 trustees, and allegations of bullying by the BDA executive.  The declaration appears to state they have been unable to decide anything but to remove the person who called for the EGM (!) and the allegations not yet discussed.  Apparently, the BDA is looking for another  'yes' person (Trustee), who will allow the business to continue (and the same old closed shop too).  Anyone prepared to put their head on that block? [Preferably a BSL user who does as he or she is told.]

"The EGM of the BDA took place last Saturday, 26th of October 2019.  Board members Agnes FDyab and Dawn Marshall have now replaced Gloria Pullen and Linda Richards.  However, the new board still does not have a quorum, and therefore is unable to do any business.  It would need to co-opt or appoint one more trustee of their own choice.  Hopefully, they are able to hold early elections for a totally new board and Chair."

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