Thursday, 10 October 2019

Carers or jobs for the boys?

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This charity currently in the 'wars' over bullying allegations and running at a loss while gagging members has launched yet another dubious scheme to 'help deaf people'.  ATR asks What about security and privacy of deaf people in this latest wheeze? 

What area oversees those? The BDA itself with their poor record?  It's not a good idea to have support for the deaf from within own areas, using peers that lack scrutiny and training.  I've yet to meet a single deaf mentor/carer who won't talk about his or her charge in the deaf clubs, the nature of the signing community is that privacy does not really exist.

The scheme looks wide open to exploitation and they don't say who funds it or if the BDA can.  Interpreters/Health Carers have a code to follow, what code are 'Volunteers' having to meet? Deaf don't want volunteers they want people who know what they are doing and neutral.  I rather fear the deaf area is far too small for them to find the sort of neutral help that is required.  Deaf clubs in Wales already complain of aggressive charity staff touting for work in the clubs making deaf people uncomfortable, they will approach deaf people and try to pressure them to take 'help' they don't want or need. 'We'll do this for you, we'll do that for you, sign here...'  In part, it is removing what independence some deaf already have.  They have to register with the system or the charities don't get paid.

Deaf campaigners spent years removing themselves from that setup. It's the older and vulnerable they are targetting, who if required help would already be getting it.  Primary culprits are the AOHL and the BDA itself, as an 'in-house' job creation scheme it looks pretty blatant.  The fact charities are trying to replace basic rights deaf and HoH already have is a poor show too.  If deaf need support then the law is there to provide it and ensure professionalism and monitoring of what is a vulnerable and 'captive' area anyway.  Who pays?  It will be expected the local Authorities or social services will the BDA has no resources for a national set up like this and was unable to provide welfare claim support in South Wales for the BSL users resulting in 60% losing all right to claim, because there was nobody to explain what they needed to do in the format they rely on.

E.G. the RAD came and went without ever opening the premises they hired or staffing it,  it was questionable where the funding for that went, was the legal provision for the deaf just an excuse to claim funding? The Local authority advice building was virtually next door and did not know it existed nor local deaf. Welsh deaf are being mugged by charity basically because so much funding is being claimed in their name.

Support provision is a right its not a provision that needs to be provided by a charity because the Assembly won't fund that, and illegally adopting that position.  There are huge question marks about deaf 'Mentors' and care support in that apart from being able to sign (A lot don't at all), that is all the qualification they need.   Other areas like BSL INterpreters have to pass exams and satisfy the official secrets Act as well, but it seems anyone who can master the BSL ABC is OK!  There is no censure area for deaf charities, they are a law to themselves and the BDA ensures their members are put in their place.

It's clear the skills demanded are not available anyway.

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