Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The 10 Commandments revisited.

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And 10 more... 

(11) Thou shalt not insist that all deaf use sign language. 

(12) Thou must educate all deaf people on what inclusion means.

(13) Thou will not use adverse or confusing terminology that highlights difference. 

(14) Thou will not run campaigns on any awareness based on financial or personal gain. 

(15) Thou shalt accept everyone with a hearing loss issue regardless of how they communicate. 

(16) Thou shall not worship the false icons of bias. 

(17) Thou must not support those who manipulate hearing loss for own self-preservation. 

(18) Thou will reject worshipping the false premise of deafness being a right, and not demean those who suffer from its effects. 

(19) Thou must recognise the differences between inclusion and exclusion. 

(20) There is no 'Us', there is no 'We', there is only 'All'.

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