Wednesday, 27 November 2019

The 12 million

It should be noted that ATR is NOT endorsing the AOHL as a default by re-publishing this video. ATR's policy is still rights, not charity.  

It's interesting he was accepted as a writer to the AOHL's magazine, an acceptance ATR never got, you don't get to be accepted by AOHL if you challenge them, even with facts.

If ATR stopped supporting the BSL using fraternity perhaps we would be more inclined to see its relevance and not its duplicity in fence-sitting for profit when the reality is the deaf deserted this charity many years ago.  The BDA has NO such issue about who they support!  I suspect also the writer above is rather naive and uninformed.  Until the AOHL gets away from the clinical aspect and ear wax dogmas we don't see it recruiting anyone with real drive and awareness.

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