Thursday, 21 November 2019

Welsh TV Channel discriminates against deaf.

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S4C discriminates against the deaf.  It was a good Wales v Hungary football match on Tuesday night. It was highly enjoyable for the viewers on S4C.

However, if this match was broadcast on BBC or ITV the commentary on the match would have been subtitled for the benefit of deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. But this is Wales, and S4C routinely discriminates against deaf viewers by not providing subtitles. I made a complaint to S4C about the lack of subtitles, in either English or Welsh, for the commentary on the Wales v Hungary match. S4C came back with the routine excuse that this was “due to the English language rights being held by another broadcaster.” S4C has consistently raised “copyright” reasons over the years for not subtitling some items, including songs from Welsh to English. That the “copyright” issue applies to football commentaries beggars belief.

This was an important football match for Wales. The refusal to provide subtitles for the commentary on “copyright” grounds is absolute nonsense from a deaf viewer’s point of view. The issue of “copyright” has been unresolved for decades and S4C has done nothing to resolve it. Deaf viewers in Wales face greater discrimination than those of the UK home countries. It is time S4C was investigated by the Equal Rights authorities and brought to court for blatant discrimination.

Cedric Moon MBE

Ex-Wales Deaf Broadcasting Council Secretary

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