Thursday, 24 January 2019

You're Joking...

Image result for deaf jokeThe parents of a 6-year-old boy had thought him deaf and mute. He had never spoken a word. Finally, one morning at breakfast, out of nowhere, the boy says "Oatmeal's cold." 

Mom and dad look at each other in disbelief; finally, the mom says "Son, all this time we thought you couldn't speak, why did you speak now?" The boy looks at them and says "Up to now, everything's been OK."

IDS in desperate attempt to prevent closure

Update: Template Letter for public representatives from Irish Deaf Society on Vimeo.

Irish deaf in an appeal to protest at funding withdrawal by the government.  Is it not time the deaf community started to look after itself?  and not rely on interpreters, support workers, carers, local authorities, friends, families, own children, charities, and lottery freebies?  HoH do not get funding nor do their clubs get subsidised.