Thursday, 28 February 2019

Fake Deaf targetting South Walians.

We suspect the east Europeans are doing the rounds again, but ATR reported recently there is a world-wide set up of people pretending to be us, and begging money from people who don't know we have nothing to do with this.

People claiming to be deaf are knocking on doors across south Wales asking for money. Social media is full of reports of a man or a woman selling drawings with a note claiming they are hearing impaired. 

Some people have even said that a mark has been left outside their home after they have left. There is no suggestion of any crimes having been committed but the sheer number of reports has sparked fevered speculation about if the couple are genuine. South Wales Police have confirmed they are investigating the reports. 


Deaf people and their charities do NOT go door-to-door asking for money, or selling paintings, key rings, posters, or anything else, photograph these people and telephone the police.