Saturday, 9 March 2019

Police negative signing? are Deaf to blame themselves?

Police people using offensive signs? No, my partner born deaf still uses these signs as do her deaf club peers, it's about context not everything is about discrimination.  He is targeting the wrong people, the signs originate WITH the deaf. 

Note: black sign colloquial usage use a 'negative white' sign format also, should we not call that discrimination too?  

Politically correct signs or, those newly created to replace perceived racial negativity etc ignore where the signs originate aka with the deaf themselves, and whilst new signs are replacing old ones, older deaf are not using them and still using the signs they know.  It won't help the police going at these deaf too which is what the poster is asking for.


South Wales deaf choir.

Meet the deaf choir giving people a voice through sign language choir The choir performs for the public regularly. 

A choir based in Cwmbran is giving young deaf people an opportunity to practice their love of music by performing through sign language. Cwmbran Deaf Choir conveys their songs through British Sign Language (BSL). Their members rehearse once a week and allow those who are hard of hearing to showcase their passion for signing and songs. 

The choir, which originally formed in 2011, auditioned for Britain's Got Talent twice and got through the first two rounds. They have also performed at the Royal Albert Hall and the Principality Stadium. choir in the stadium The choir has performed at the Principality Stadium Credit: Louise Chris Heirene To see them in a classroom situation, they may appear nervous, withdrawn. To then see them perform, you would never think any of them have any confidence issues. 

They recently sang in Cardiff's John Lewis store for shoppers. 

Born deaf twins now bilingual and hearing.

Who needs Deaflympics?