Friday, 22 March 2019

Charity 'Battle Bus' to aid deaf children.

Is nobody asking why schools are being asked to accept charity to educate and support deaf children?  I thought education was a right... ATR is pretty certain the BDA and AOHL did this too.

The National Deaf Children’s charity has received a £39,000 grant expand the reach of its mobile high tech classroom into more schools across the UK. The grant has been awarded by Scottish Power Foundation to ensure that the charity’s eight-ton purple lorry, which turns into a high-tech classroom for staging workshops for pupils and showcasing specialist new technology, can visit more schools across Scotland over the next year. 

The money will be used to train more charity staff to deliver workshops, which feature digital inclusion technology such as a vibrating alarm clock. During 2018 the high tech classroom visited 15 schools in Scotland, meeting 150 deaf children and 1,400 of their hearing peers. “This incredibly generous grant will help us to continue taking our roadshow around the UK, said Kerry Ross, who manages the Deaf Children’s charity’s Roadshow. “In the past year we have made over 100 school visits, run over 500 workshops and met nearly 2,000 deaf children around the UK. 

“This year, thanks to the support of the Scottish Power Foundation, we have ambitious plans to see even more schools and even more children. We are working harder than ever to help empower deaf children and raise awareness of deafness among their friends, family and teachers. “When a deaf child is struggling with their confidence, independence or communication, a visit from the Roadshow can make a real difference. We want to remind every deaf child that they have incredible potential and should be aiming high. “With the right support, they can do anything other children can do.” 

Among those visited by the high-tech classroom is Molly, a deaf pupil at Lochinver Primary School. “I was buzzing after the bus came to my school,” she said. “It was great for my friends to see some of the things I have to help me, like the vibrating alarm clock to get up in the morning. All my friends thought the technology was really cool.”