Friday, 29 March 2019

Deaf Arts and Access to work, is it a scam?

ATR expresses concern recent increases to access to work support costs are being utilised to not advance empowerment of the deaf into wider access employment areas, but instead, being utilised to promote own cultural aspirations, and A2W is still not proving itself as a viable access medium for the deaf, and given the primary beneficiaries are in areas outside the Hearing domain and lesser being used to include the deaf outside it.  

Should A2W benefits have conditions of wider inclusion attached to it?  To prove the allowance is enhancing that wider acceptance?  To ensure the Deaf embrace the access mantra of support given as it was intended?

We often wonder if spending near £60K a year to hold down a job could be put to better use frankly.  Perhaps better education and communication approaches for the deaf so they don't need so much support?   ATR spent 2/3rds of his working life with no support at all let alone paid help to assist.  Today NI gave just one group there £16,000 to promote more BSL to the deaf area, despite the huge costs in enabling its use (admitted somewhat belatedly by the DWP).  Deaf still cost the most to support.

ATR hasn't yet done a real survey but:-

(A) Who are these deaf claiming maximum A2W allowances?

(B) What 'jobs' are they actually doing?  

(C) Who is making the real money?  The terps? the charities? Just the arts areas in major cities?

(D)  How far is the A2W allowance proving a real gateway to wider inclusion?

A bugbear of ATR are the  'deaf arts' luvvies, who did most of the complaining about support caps on A2W. A2W  being more about underpinning the cultural aspiration than empowering the deaf to move out into the world or learning wider necessary skills.  Less than .002% of deaf people are in that arts area.  A2W in that respect is unhelpful to most.

ATR contributing to one deaf site and pointed out a fair proportion of the site members were in the deaf arts area and claiming A2W grants, some getting the help to advise hearing to sign, and duly got banned for asking these questions.  Members there would not justify A2W in inclusive terms, despite admitting not wanting part of the hearing world or to work in it(!), as it is 'too hard for the deaf.'  So they co-exist reluctantly with 'Disabled' because the funding had those strings.  A wider query ought to ask why disabled/deaf funding was that exclusive?

You have to in it to win it holds true.  A2W in ATR's view has been about empowering deaf culture, and not empowering deaf to move out into the wider world to advance skills, it is not even mentioned in the rules about qualifying for it in terms.  It was designed to empower deaf people to manage outside own areas to progress and enjoy wider inclusion with support, the Deaf have seen this as an excuse to capitalise instead in cultural progress via the arts and maintaining own areas, enhancing their own status quo, while still is reluctant to embrace real inclusion.

At the Deaf Club..


Access to Justice for the Deaf Inquiry.

Its rather a shame the ECHR is involved as it is a disgraced organisation, that has many anti-human rights/Anti-women members. An organisation the United Kingdom wants out of via Brexit, and criticised by the USA too.

Deaf/Disabled to get £1130 a week to work.

From 1 April 2019, workers can claim up to £59,200 annually from the Government to help support them in the workplace
And wages, WOW!  There is a catch but can you spot it?

Million of employees with long-term health conditions and disabilities will be able to benefit from up to £59,200 a year to assist them at work, with the grant increasing next month. 

From 1 April 2019, those who qualify will be able to claim up to £59,200 annually from the Government's Access to Work benefit to help pay for additional support that they may need in the workplace. Access to Work provides financial support to ensure someone's disability or health condition doesn't hold them back at work. This includes providing adjustable desks, special IT equipment and voice-recognition software. From 1 April 2019, workers can claim up to £59,200 annually from the Government to help support them in the workplace

A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions said: 'Access to Work provides tailored support to thousands across the country, ensuring a disability or health condition is not a barrier to achieving someone's career aspirations. 'By extending this grant even more people can benefit from this personalised scheme, and more disabled people can thrive in the workplace.' 

A spokesperson from the DWP said: 'The cap has been updated in line with the annual survey of hours and earnings published by the Office for National Statistics. 'The cap is set at two times the median gross annual earnings for full-time employees.' Disability facts and figures · There are over 11 million people with long term illnesses, impairment or disability in the UK · Impairments that affect mobility, lifting or carrying are the most common. 

Prevalence of disability rises with age. Around six per cent of children are disabled compared to 16 per cent of working age adults and 45 per cent of adults over State Pension Age (66). It's claimed that now even more people will be able to benefit, especially those from the deaf community who can get British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters through the scheme. 

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Conwy Translation and Support services.

Local authorities removing fiance for deaf support is the norm now, bearing in mind, those who don't use sign language and are deaf never had it anyway. Where is their support still?  Is the Welsh assembly using funds to discriminate by format used?  The irony of using sign language and subtitles that non-signers cannot get access to anyway. One acquired deaf person has never had text access or lip-spoken access because his partner had sign support already.   Effectively using one partner's mode to prevent the other from obtaining theirs. They also refused access for deaf parents to have assistance to visit a son in care because 'It's social access, and we aren't obliged to empower the deaf with that...'  Clearly, they aren't feeling any obligation to provide deaf with BSL either now.


Staff at the University of Birmingham have been investigating humans’ capacity to communicate without speech and relying only in their gestures, and how comprehensible these body movements are to an interlocutor. 

Dr Gerardo Ortega at the Department of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Birmingham and Professor Asli Özyürek at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in the Netherlands created a database of gestures by investigating how people represent certain concepts with their hands and body. Different people were presented with words like ‘spoon’, ‘eating’, ‘pyramid’, ‘deer’ and they had to produce a spontaneous gesture to represent the same word. 

The study found that instead of producing different gestures, people were surprisingly systematic and for some concepts, they made the same gesture. For example, for ‘spoon’ most people produced the action of bringing a spoon to the mouth. For ‘pyramid’, most people traced a triangular shape. An interesting finding is that most of the times, people used actions to represent all concepts. Instead of tracing shapes in the air there was a high prevalence of gestures showing how the body interacts with the concept they are referring to. 

Dr Gerardo Ortega said: "When we think of language we immediately think of a spoken or written word whose orthography and meaning can be searched in a dictionary. But the reality is that humans developed the capacity of language during face-to-face interactions where the body is a fundamental tool to express a message. If you are in a noisy bar, you’d probably produce a gesture recreating the action of bringing a glass to the mouth to tell your friend that you’d like a pint. 

This example shows that we have the capacity to communicate without relying on speech and using our bodies. Gestures have this communicative power because they have the property of iconicity: they recreate the form of the concept people are talking about." 

Note: One gesture they could include equally valid... do they actually pay people to state the obvious?

Image result for two finger gesture

Brexit or Bust.: The shame of 'Deaf' involvement.

Image result for bexitRemainers cannot agree to stay either.  Deaf or Hearing! The disgraceful political shenanigans and pointless remainer protests still carry on as the UK plunges to new lows after the demand for MP's to 'Take Control' of Brexit negotiations via 8 options descended to chaos too and resulted in all 8 'alternatives' getting no consensus.  But the sun is shining the weather's good, let's march!

For those who want a deaf UK angle we recommend you don't, they are blatant and oppressive disinformation sites that block Brexit responses and oppose free speech.  We deplore pro-deaf remainer sites leading the disinformation dissemination, hey ho they are from London too!  Probably the same people who attack CI's, alleviations, genetic research and approaches to education too... while supporting a Russian sympathiser and terrorist friend who is anti-Semitic and who would refuse to defend our country in the case of a hostile attack on us.  Deaf groups worship him because they are stupid too.

As for marching the streets, the claim of 1m was challenged allegedly, as false and nearer 300,000 and the 5m who posted to a petition was challenged as ably assisted by 'bots' to flesh out the opposition in as much as it is all 'fake news'.  Notwithstanding no petition in recent memory has ever succeeded in parliament.  There are no facts, only opinions and who you believe.  

Mrs May is still the only person WITH a plan on leaving the European Union the EU itself agrees with, after yesterdays' obvious display of disunity and a disgraceful plea by Komrad Korbyn to ask for schoolkids to vote to get him in, Mrs May used him as a doormat and resident loony...

Now they are, despite the clock still ticking toward April 12th, arguing and planning for a new PM or election.  It is  London and the MP's against the UK electorate.   MP's who have defied the voter, their leaders, a national referendum decision, and their own party manifestos.  drunk with the power they have, but drunk all the same with all the nonsense and incoherence that goes with it.

What if pro-EU wins? Do we all adopt the same view it makes no difference what a majority is,  we want a re-run again until we win again?  After all that is what remainers are demanding, we could be arguing till doomsday and enmeshed with relentless 'people's' Votes which yesterday too they couldn't agree with!   If you want to remain you have to be happy being a laughing stock in Europe and told when to wipe your own backside.  Who will they replace Mrs May WITH? given none of the MP's or parties we see can agree on anything?  You would need to replace those there first.  They all accept a new election will result in the same thing happening again.

Unless Parliament is dissolved and a new constitution is put in place that prevents the idiots and incompetents ruling us it will just be more of the same.   Enough is enough and a majority voted to leave the EU if we reject majority decisions in favour of minorities where is the hope for democracy?  A country run by the hashtag cultists and Snowflakes?  God forbid we end up like the USA where extremes run the place.  As for sites like Limping Chicken a travesty of fair play and sheer Bias supported by charities with a vested interest, and pro-remainers, posters with obvious bias, does nobody check?

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

As its a no-news day...

Britain’s only deaf full-time football coach

Ben Lampert says: ‘Deaf people can do anything – they just can’t hear.’
From what ATR can see even home-grown UK hearing talent is taking second place to foreign imported players.  I suspect hiring a deaf player for no other purpose but he or she is deaf isn't on. 

Ben Lampert, who works with Brentford and England’s deaf team, wants a place for deaf players and coaches in the professional game.

Ben Lampert, who played for the England and Great Britain deaf teams, says: ‘Deaf people can do anything – they just can’t hear.’ Ben props up an iPad on a table in a Griffin Park lounge and loads FaceTime. At the other end of the call is a British sign language (BSL) interpreter who enables Lampert, born profoundly deaf, to conduct this interview about his work as the only deaf full-time football coach in Britain. 

Lampert’s primary role is at Brentford FC Community Trust but he also took a job as the England deaf football team’s assistant coach recently. After a 15-year playing career during which he represented England and Great Britain across the world, winning gold at the Deaflympics in Melbourne, he is helping inspire the next generation before the European Championship in Crete this summer. 

Lampert’s can-do attitude is clear, his mantra throughout this conversation is simply: “Why not?” In the same way that he speaks so optimistically about Brentford’s chances of lifting the Championship trophy next season, he shares the positivity when asked whether there could be a deaf professional footballer in Britain any time soon. “I can’t see why it can’t happen, but only if the clubs are deaf aware,” he says. “They have to know about the communication. 

A professional deaf player would be a huge statement for the deaf community. There are deaf players out there but they just need the opportunities. The problem is that people get judged. They think you can’t do it and they tend to be a bit patronising. We need to take that away and judge people on their skills and ability rather than their deafness. It is similar to foreign managers in the Premier League who cannot speak English. They have to use an interpreter to translate and it would be the same for a deaf person. If you speak Spanish, you might need an interpreter and it would be the same for deaf people. It should be possible. That is my big dream.” 

How do the deaf and HoH contact 999?

Seems the minister and MP have no idea despite every major police force in the UK has a text access system already!  Even some with BSL access.  The primary issue is no demand for a national BSL aka 999 system from the deaf.  It's 'access for access sake..' rather than an unmet demand.  It should also be noted Deaf have refused to register for 999 services access on the premise hearing don't have to, so why should they?  Completely missing the point the police would need to know what formats they were using to assist them.


Monday, 25 March 2019

Curing Deaf Canutes

ATR despairs at THIS BLOGGER and those like them that use any excuse to rail against assisting those with hearing loss, or even this case which was about repairing a hearing patient's middle ear after a car accident and had nothing to do with deaf culture or undermining it.

ATR suggests the errant blogger reads the items it comments on and not abuse the item and spread disinformation so that worried deaf believe their culture is under threat.  Next time deaf break a leg he will suggest it is anti-culture to have it seen to perhaps?

It's OK to have a view, but make it an informed one!

Deaf kids, then and Now.

Paddy Ladd: For one night only.

After the debacle of deaf waiting over 2 hours for the streaming to start and captioning stopping and starting, deaf were fed this rubbish, instead of learning the BDA was on the skids and losing what members it still had whilst facing funding issues. Sell them the cultural angle instead.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Anti-Democracy marchers in London.

Protesters at the People's Vote march

How a million misguided anti-democracy marchers made a fool of themselves and ignored the reality of the  EU approach to freedom of speech of demanding marchers must ID themselves first before they can march, and, French troops given live rounds when facing marchers, is this the future UK people want?  The collective madness of those who want to stay in the European Union is out of control.

The UK democracy is based on 'first past the post.' in that the candidates or issues that gain the most support win the day, in the USA this follows that same premise (to an extent!).  What we see in the UK is those that LOSE the vote demanding re-runs because they didn't like losing.  ONLY in the UK does this happen because their political representatives (For or against), have refused to respect the vote, their party, their leadership, or accept any sort of deal except one they cannot agree on, nor the EU will anyway.

The response has been 'let us keep voting until the result is with the minority'.  Stay and accept the UK no longer runs itself, and pays billions for the privilege whilst Germany and France carved up the spoils?  The UK saw no 28 European reps just videos of Mrs Merkle and Macon.  We know who really runs the EU, a defeated 3rd Reich.  We cannot stay in the EU? and we cannot leave?  What sort of decision is that...  The UK could face street strife as a result.  Why vote if politicians have no intention of respecting it?  London isn't the UK. 17m voted to leave.

The Echo...

Trial to reverse deafness to start soon...

World first transplanted middle ear.

Cured the deaf.  Those who are afflicted with deafness usually have no choice but to live with it. Granted hearing aids have improved greatly over the years, but in terms of a full-on cure, that is still something a little out of reach, or at least until recently. 

According to a press release put out by the South African Government (via Disclose.TV), it seems that doctors in the region have performed the first-ever middle ear transplant which in turn has cured a patient of deafness. Through the use of 3D printed middle ear bones developed by Professor Mashudu Tshifularo and his team at the University of Pretoria (UP) Faculty of Health, it seems that they have successfully cured the deafness of the patient involved, allowing him to hear again after his middle ear was damaged in a car accident. 

According to Tshifularo, “By replacing only the ossicles that aren’t functioning properly, the procedure carries significantly less risk than known prostheses and their associated surgical procedures. We will use titanium for this procedure, which is biocompatible. We use an endoscope to do the replacement, so the transplant is expected to be quick, with minimal scarring.” The best part about this surgery is that it can be performed on anyone and everyone, including new-borns who might be born deaf. 

It also reduces the chance of facial nerve paralysis which can occur if the facial nerve that passes through the middle ear space is damaged during traditional surgery.