Saturday, 13 April 2019

The EU lies exposed.

ATR saw this on social media, and the response it generated.

"The real cost of these 'advantages' is complete control from Brussels by Germany and France, so the price is too high for me. 

With no borders a real threat to us all personally as well. The item suggests we get something for free, there is NO such thing. The EU has done most of this via charging the UK £Billions every year, again not exactly freebies! They have made a huge profit via trade on us too, the idea of this federalism is to asset strip member states. 

Only 6 of them had the wherewithal, the rest rely on handouts. Probably those other 22 are getting the most benefit, when did the UK become a major charity financing Europe? Or sending £14.2B a year to the rest of the world, no wonder we are in permanent austerity, and most of the EU member states bordering the Med are in dire straits too. 

The money we pay the EU is money stolen from our poor, our sick and our disabled, 120,000 who paid the ultimate price, they are dead, and our government, in order to feed this ravenous and greedy European beast, demonises them to justify it.  If we complain we are labelled racists, stupids, and out of our heads apparently. We MUST leave."

Breaking News: EU demands Swiss vote re-run again to overrule a majority decision.

Catch the Captions..

As a small group of students from Chatham University, we have found it important to address the issue of incorrect subtitles on online streaming platforms, which include but are not limited to Netflix and YouTube. Incorrect subtitles are a major issue, especially when talking about the deaf and hard at hearing communities. 

When subtitles and captions do not portray what the actors are actually saying, people who are deaf and hard at hearing do not get the same viewing experience as those who are able to hear. To combat this major issue, we created an educational blog, which highlights the importance of catching captions when they are wrong, as well as showing YouTubers how they can edit their own captions to give everyone a fair viewing experience. 

 use #catchthecaption spread the word

(ASL and BSL users please note!).

Faces of Mental Health

A Dundee charity for those with hearing difficulties has helped launch three new videos which are designed to raise awareness of mental health issues among the hard of hearing. Members of Deaf Links, based at the Tayside Deaf Hub in the city centre, helped to develop the Connect Us Too clips, delivered in British Sign Language (BSL) with subtitles and voiceover. 

 Each clip illustrates key information from the See Me campaign – designed to put an end to mental health stigma. The charity DeafScotland claims mental health issues can be up to four times higher in deaf communities. Its chief officer Janis McDonald said: “It’s important to point out that deaf people are up to four times as likely to experience mental health issues such as depression and anxiety compared to hearing people. “I’m keen to connect deaf people together in Scotland, which is why ‘Connect Us Too’ is a vital project for everyone to work together and tackle mental health for all.”

Friday, 12 April 2019

Hearing First

Maggie is an easy-going fourth grader who loves karaoke, plays in the school band, laughs easily, and makes friends wherever she goes. After their daughter was diagnosed with profound hearing loss as an infant, Maggie’s parents assumed none of this would be possible. But with Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) and cochlear implants, Maggie is living a life beyond their wildest dreams, immersed in the hearing world and exploring her love of music.

The Silence, rubbish deaf film?

Netflix’s latest horror flick The Silence has only been out for 24 hours, but it’s already racked up a fair share of online criticism, and not just for being a lesser A Quiet Place. 

Viewers claim the film poorly portrays the deaf community—probably because its sole deaf character is played by actress Kiernan Shipka, who can hear just fine, according to PopBuzz. The film follows a family trying to survive in a world that’s been taken over by bat-like creatures attacking anything that makes noise.

Fortunately for them, the whole family knows sign language. That’s because the 16-year-old in the family, played by Shipka, lost her hearing three years prior. And, according to the deaf community, the sign language used throughout the film is laughably inaccurate. “If everybody knew sign language, The Silence on Netflix would be a comedy film,” deaf activist and model Nyle DiMarco wrote on Twitter.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Jehovah Witness' targeting the deaf.

I'm not a fan of DeafYou but must unite with them in the view these people are a direct threat to deaf and other vulnerable people. 

Over many years the UK deaf have been targeted too and using sign language to get in deaf people's homes to indoctrinate them, playing on their isolation.   Welsh JW bases centre around the Pontypridd area. These people are highly organised and know exactly how to approach people deaf.  They appear to knock on doors KNOWING there are deaf inside too, where do they get this information?  Deaf clubs have banned them attending.

It is believed the JW encourage those deaf converted to talk about deaf friends at clubs even to ask where they live.  ATR's own home was targeted and they still come to the door despite being told we have no wish to adopt their religious view or area.  It is the persistent and relentless approach that undermines a deaf resolve to prevent them coming, no matter how you explain, be it forcibly! or to give them the benefit of a polite no thank you, they keep coming.

They assume being polite as meaning OK but you need to tell me more! Some deaf get frightened and won't open the door and feel unable to complain or prevent these relentless cold callers targetting them.  Police seem to adopt the 'They are harmless' view they have not broken any law etc....  The very worse thing you can do is keep the door open after telling them thanks but no thanks.  They will hang around for ages, they ask for or give deaf e-mail contact to you, they will ask what issues, addresses, or names your family has because if they can not get at you they can target someone else in your family.

There are in ATR's view serious issues about the database the JW have which contain much personal info regarding those they managed to convert and also gained extra data on other friends and family in the process.  Which is illegal.    Apart from using such data to target those people, there are concerns about what other things they are doing with that data gained from vulnerable people who may not realise what they were asking for during their 'empathy' with own issue.

Dial 55 if you have no speech for help.

A new system has been put in place by Cambridgeshire Police to protect people afraid to talk once dialling 999. 

Dialling 55 after calling emergency services will alert police operators that you are in need of assistance but cannot speak. A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said: “There are many different reasons why someone may need to call the police. “In some situations, the caller may not be able to speak due to needing to keep the call private to protect their safety.

“Most people will be surprised to know just how many accidental 999 calls are answered by operators in the UK every single day. “Police operators will try to distinguish if the call is genuine or what is commonly known as a ‘pocket dial’ by answering a series of questions. “If there are slight noises such as breathing that lead the operator to think someone is in fact on the other end of the line and cannot talk, the call taker will ask the individual to dial 55 to make it clear they cannot talk. 

“Dialling 55 will then send the call through to the police, who can try to locate the caller and send out assistance if it is believed the call is an emergency.” The force spokesman added: “It is important to note the force does not automatically have details of the caller’s location so cannot send automatic assistance, particularly if the caller is using a mobile phone.” 

Deaf woman has job offer withdrawn 'She's a risk'.

Lacey-Rose Saamanthy
A deaf woman was offered a job at a hospital which was then withdrawn. Lacey-Rose Saamanthy, from Harlow, Essex, was offered a job in a cafe at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford after a successful interview. But after two months without any news she eventually received a letter telling her she could no longer have a job over concerns about a risk assessment. 

The hospital trust said keeping people safe was "really important". Miss Saamanthy said she had been "delighted" to have been finally offered a job after applying for "thousands". She said: "I asked, 'when do I start', but things seemed to get postponed and I didn't hear anything, so after two months my partner Maurice called them to see what was going on. Customer warnings "Finally I got a letter which said, 'I'm really, really sorry but we are going to reject your application because you are deaf'. 

They listed a few reasons, which I didn't think was good enough. I was upset, confused, it was just terrible." Among the hospital's concerns were Miss Saamanthy being unable to tell customers costs and give warnings about the temperature of drinks. Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (MEHSNT), which runs the hospital, said it had contacted Miss Saamanthy to explore other opportunities for her at the hospital. 

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

NZ Video interpeting.

Deaf awareness and the Native Americans

Living in a hearing world.

More like explaining difficulties of doing that, the 'image' of support helps create those barriers, as it will when she leaves education, and whilst BSL support in school helped I don't think you can create or maintain a hearing-deaf social circle with that method. Whilst a terp enables in the school what happens outside that? Do her hearing friends encourage and include her?  As this is the only way to live in a hearing world and not just co-exist with it.

Growing up deaf

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Trump and discrimination.

Image result for feeding the beast

A UK social media view via comments and reports of white supremacists wanting to kill black people.

#1  There isn't denying that trump is a white supremacist. His language, actions and policies have all proven this. But you don't need to look at America alone... fascism and Nationalism is increasing. The neoliberal dream has turned into a nightmare and every candidate that bashes globalisation with a solution being isolationism is increasing in popularity in Every continent.... people want answers but too lazy or distracted to find them and demand politicians figure them out. So only ever wait for quick and easy to digest solutions. The issue lays in the fact no politician serves long enough term time to make systemic changes so end up being enablers to the march of globalisation. Just feeding the beast, hoping to just serve another term in power... IMHO.

#2  Black, white, striped, disabled, trans, straight, or ginger hair, there will always be people who cannot accept diversity or difference. As each area implodes or re-enforces itself doing their own thing so more discrimination exists or is created anew. The become own stereotypes with haves and have nots, as a result, recreating 'acceptable discrimination.' My own area of people with hearing loss and profound deafness is polarised and has been for many years. It is already an accepted norm via 'them and us.' mainly as a result of minority areas within the whole using different communication approaches, attending specialist education, and opposing alleviation etc. 

#3  They start life apart from the mainstream and never able to get into it after leaving education. Immigrants/asylum seekers, migrants etc gather together too and erect own systems on arriving the end result is they do own thing as well, multiculturalism covers a multitude of sins really. 

#4 I don't believe a level playing field is possible or wanted. Most will want to go one better or want more, its a basic drive within us. Nobody wants to be the same as everyone else. Obviously, hate is not acceptable, but, neither are supported 'go it alone areas' either which undermine real inclusion. Discrimination needs redefining but should not be all-inclusive, it sets up a situation whereby discrimination flourishes and new discriminations keep emerging.  The current 'Hashtag' approaches are 'feeding the beast' too.

Natilik Live; Deaf awareness week.

Deaf rights in Peru.

Turkish Sign Alphabet

But still no signs for 'Democracy' or 'Freedom' apparently.