Sunday, 7 April 2019

Trump and discrimination.

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A UK social media view via comments and reports of white supremacists wanting to kill black people.

#1  There isn't denying that trump is a white supremacist. His language, actions and policies have all proven this. But you don't need to look at America alone... fascism and Nationalism is increasing. The neoliberal dream has turned into a nightmare and every candidate that bashes globalisation with a solution being isolationism is increasing in popularity in Every continent.... people want answers but too lazy or distracted to find them and demand politicians figure them out. So only ever wait for quick and easy to digest solutions. The issue lays in the fact no politician serves long enough term time to make systemic changes so end up being enablers to the march of globalisation. Just feeding the beast, hoping to just serve another term in power... IMHO.

#2  Black, white, striped, disabled, trans, straight, or ginger hair, there will always be people who cannot accept diversity or difference. As each area implodes or re-enforces itself doing their own thing so more discrimination exists or is created anew. The become own stereotypes with haves and have nots, as a result, recreating 'acceptable discrimination.' My own area of people with hearing loss and profound deafness is polarised and has been for many years. It is already an accepted norm via 'them and us.' mainly as a result of minority areas within the whole using different communication approaches, attending specialist education, and opposing alleviation etc. 

#3  They start life apart from the mainstream and never able to get into it after leaving education. Immigrants/asylum seekers, migrants etc gather together too and erect own systems on arriving the end result is they do own thing as well, multiculturalism covers a multitude of sins really. 

#4 I don't believe a level playing field is possible or wanted. Most will want to go one better or want more, its a basic drive within us. Nobody wants to be the same as everyone else. Obviously, hate is not acceptable, but, neither are supported 'go it alone areas' either which undermine real inclusion. Discrimination needs redefining but should not be all-inclusive, it sets up a situation whereby discrimination flourishes and new discriminations keep emerging.  The current 'Hashtag' approaches are 'feeding the beast' too.

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