Sunday, 5 May 2019

Sign Flash mob at Oxford

Image result for flash mob deaf westgate
The issue isn't really about hearing doing sign but using sign to integrate the deaf, and the two still appear incompatible as the only way to effectively use sign is to attend their areas.  Otherwise, it relies on random meets in the public domain. 

Shoppers at the Westgate Centre paused in their tracks today when a group of pretend coffee-drinkers left their tables and began performing music in sign language. 

Catching shoppers in a lunchtime surprise, the flash mob ditched their seats, bags and coffees to perform sign to the tune of Bruno Mars '24k magic'. The surprise was organised by Chloe Armantrading as a way to kick off 'Deaf Awareness Week' which starts on Monday and runs through to Sunday. 

Campaigner Ms Armantrading, who is a sign language teacher, said she wanted to raise awareness of sign language and told the shopping centre over a mic that 'it is about time businesses taught their staff the basics of signing'. She explained: “We’ve got everybody from the ages of seven to 65 showing you that sign language is for everyone.