Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Islington: New Employment Services.

Deaf Week: Nottinghamshire

Why do we STILL need 'help' when access is a right in Law? Who isn't complying?  (Just about everyone by the look of it!).

Google: Live Captioning on Android.


Google waited until I/O 2019 to demonstrate one of the most impressive features of Android Q. It’s called Live Caption, and when enabled, you’ll see any video or audio you play on your phone transcribed in real time — with extremely accurate results. Live Captions are overlaid on top of whatever app you’re using, be it YouTube, Instagram, Pocket Casts, or anything else, and it also supports video chat apps like Skye and Google’s own Duo. It’ll even work with video or audio that you record yourself. 

“For 466 million deaf and hard of hearing people around the world, captions are more than a convenience — they make content more accessible. We worked closely with the Deaf community to develop a feature that would improve access to digital media,” Google wrote in a blog post. Google CEO Sundar Pichai echoed that sentiment onstage during today’s I/O keynote. “Building for everyone means ensuring that everyone can access our products,” he said. “We believe technology can help us be more inclusive, and AI is providing us with new tools to dramatically improve the experience for people with disabilities.” 


In Action.....