Monday, 27 May 2019

Breaking News..... Breaking News.

Are Deaf people political? (UK).

Politics IS accessible to deaf people. These vlogs don't help anyone and, they lack accessibility too.   Whether that political access is via BSL is debatable, but is it wanted? it's immaterial, if you can read you can be involved. If deaf voters are claiming an inability to be involved in can only be for 2 reasons, a refusal to unless it is signed, or, a refusal to demand or use, the access they already have.  What is hard about putting an X on a paper?

I was always told there are 3 issues we should avoid, they were sex, religion, and politics.  But all 3 govern our lives.  Both myself and my partner are fully informed on the recent MEP voting last week and, we both voted without issue. Like other deaf people we look at other deaf areas online and were appalled at the bias and ignorance BSL sites are producing, taking every advantage of dependent BSL users to plug their particular brand of nonsense and disinformation, always adding 'Hearing are preventing us..' to ensure if deaf DO vote (Most don't or won't anyway), the vote is against what is portrayed as hearing discriminators, the actual political point long since lost, this is abusing neutral information access for deaf people.  

The widespread usage of statistics and attacking other bona fide views as 'fake news', an unwelcome USA import,  is rife in the online 'cut and paste' deaf world, sadly those deaf who follow such areas are being manipulated.  Very often bombarded with 'facts' that are never explained or details ever compared with opposing points, AKA 'Party A says ....' and 'Party B says ... ', etc.  Which is the right and democratic way to inform.  A lot is over the BSL grass-root head, there is little or no attempt to bring the explanations to the level of clear comprehension.  The promotion of politics aimed only, at those with the sufficient level of written and academic attainment as they have, the hoi pollie deaf aren't really included or follow like sheeple.   

THIS post I am told would be 'beyond the BSL using reader', or at best, non-accessible because sign isn't included.  My response would be that it is identical in format to what online deaf are already using.     There are virtually NO signed explanation in social deaf media its all text.  

My initial ventures into signed explanations made me a target for the purists of BSL, it wasn't worth the effort in the end, they would diss every sign made.  I can sign to make myself understood they wanted something else, control over me and what I said, failing that bans and blocks.  No attempt at all to include or accept less than what they viewed as 'real sign' coming from a 'real' cultural supporter.  And they wonder why they are out of it. 

The end result being deaf got little or none at all, from us as non-cultural deaf, Hard of Hearing, deafened, or from hearing neither.  I was amid the very first in the UK to add subtitling to a vlog, and 80% rubbished my signing and condemned the use of captions.  I never signed for them again. As we see by this vlog they are STILL anti-captions or even averse to adding narrative.  We can only assume it is BSL-Only stuff, how to inform deaf people.... NOT.  It's not even preaching to the converted, as nobody takes any notice.

The current Brexit issues in the UK are almost completely polarised, the Deaf politico sites are too.  Sadly, some pro-European deaf areas use their sites to block, undermine or simply attack other deaf who don't agree with that, their consensus appears to be pro-EU and anti-everyone else.  Leave areas just ignore them and appeal to the majority instead.   The online moderation is as extreme as their viewpoint is, there are NO deaf sites in the United Kingdome that explain in simpler terms what is going on, so that grass root deaf can make up their OWN minds.  And none in BSL either!  You are either for remaining or determined to leave the European Union altogether.  Whilst factual reporting is complex and difficult for hearing to follow, it is almost totally beyond the deaf.  They lack the more able deaf to explain properly.

They vote with their feet mostly, not get involved, then blame it all on others.  If they want things to change then they have to stop contemplating their navel and wasting considerable effort chasing culture and join the real world and understand and get involved with what is going on.  If you want to follow national politics, then, you cannot do this from a deaf isolated stance, the mainstream will not see any link between sign/culture and Brexit.  Stick to the issues in hand.    Start reading hearing areas, start attending meetings, join online hearing areas, they are all text no excuse not to put a point.  It just exposes the reality, BSL is their problem in access terms, but as we are more than just sign we can use other means too, those who won't, just leave them where they are.

If someone wants some explanations with no bias feel free to ask...