Thursday, 4 July 2019

What IS 'deaf friendly'?

And what is deaf unfriendly about? Do they gang up on us and beat the shit out of us or what?   From what we read being 'deaf friendly' just means someone will sign at you.  I thought that was a legal right anyway?

The UK turns its back on Europe.

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And the opposition swears at them in the EU parliament. Perhaps Federalism isn't what it is hyped up to be?  Days after this protest,  Germany and France openly pressurised and bribed, other member representatives to ensure their own preferred people took the top Brussels jobs after poorer eastern bloc states tried to block them  2 days running, on grounds Germany and France had left their countries wide open to terrorists and illegal immigrants and then abandoned them.   

Whilst most Brits don't trust Trump any further than they trust the EU, (Sorry bleached chicken just isn't going to happen here), getting away from this very undemocratic and feudal set up cannot come too soon.  Brit anti-EU MEP's are there to frustrate the EU as much as they are able but still fully endorsed by the UK voter as the largest sector of MEPs despite biased remainer claims to the contrary.

I suppose we could declare war on China re Hong Kong as a diversion and send a few patrol boats there lol (That'll make the Chinese shudder I'm sure)....  Meanwhile, the Deaf-UK site insists Corbyn will save the day (If he can manage without his Zimmer for the day that is.  I think the yanks should be happy they only have Trump to contend with.  It's all happening here lol  Brits behaving badly?  It's what we do well.

The truth about deaf people.

If you want a private life DON'T join the deaf community lol

Hallelujah !!!

Adorable photographs show harvest mice playing in the spring sunshine
One down 45 others to go.....

A radical cure for deafness may have been found thanks to lab animals dubbed ‘Beethoven Mice.’ Scientists revealed that hearing has been salvaged in mice by ‘snipping’ a mutation out of their DNA. And the revolutionary technique also worked on human ear cells grown in the lab. 

Known as CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, it involves an enzyme that acts like a pair of ‘molecular scissors’ to remove faulty proteins. It enabled the American research team to selectively disable the defective copy of a gene called Tmc1 – while sparing the healthy one. The variant causes the loss of the inner ear’s hair cells over time. The delicate hairs sit in a tiny organ called the cochlea and vibrate in response to sound waves. 

Nerve cells pick up the physical motion and transmit it to the brain – where it is perceived as sound. Professor David Corey and colleagues developed a more precise version of the tool to better recognise the disease-causing mutation in the lab animals. They have been named ‘Beethoven Mice’ because their progressive hearing loss mimicked that experienced by the famous composer. Co-senior investigator Prof Corey, a neurobiologist at Harvard Medical School, said: “Our results demonstrate this more refined, better-targeted version of the now-classic CRISPR/Cas9 editing tool achieves an unprecedented level of identification and accuracy.” 

Remarkably, their system managed to spot a single incorrect DNA letter among 3 billion in the mouse genome. The researchers conducted a hearing test on the mice by placing electrodes on their heads and monitoring the activity of brain regions involved in hearing.

Allegations of fraud at the ELDS

From the UK charity Commission site:  Registered Number 224853. 
Charity name: EAST LANCASHIRE DEAF SOCIETY Status: Removed.

From the source link, allegations of fraud, hearsay?

"ELDS is closed down because I heard there rumours said recently manager and his some member of staff were arrested by police and will go to court soon over money fraud."

The offices of East Lancashire Deaf Society in Heaton Street, BlackburnDEAF people across East Lancashire have been left stranded after a charity called in administrators - with the expected loss of 70 jobs. East Lancashire Deaf Society (ELDS), which was based in Heaton Street, Blackburn, but also had an office in Keirby Walk, Burnley, is also facing a Charity Commission probe. Home support, interpreters, family assistance, education services and nursery provisions were all provided by the organisation, which was first set up in 1998.

But an official notice has confirmed that administrators Leonard Curtis have been appointed by the High Court for ELDS, which also had premises in Cannon Street, Preston, amid suspected cashflow problems. Those trading entities affected are said to include Sign Communications NW, Sound Solutions, Kings Nursery, Kings Court, Lancashire Rose Care Service, Home Solutions and the Parthenon Greek Restaurant.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

The Rain in Spain, falls.....

A hearing-impaired person usually has no frame of reference when it comes to speech, but they possess all the tools needed to speak correctly. 

Through the process of lip-reading, the deaf can pick up how to speak, and moreover, people who have lost their hearing later on in life often have the powers of speech but lack the practice and the ability to tell if they’re speaking correctly. That’s where the Commu helps. Designed to help the hearing-impaired speak correctly (while also making sure their vocal muscles don’t atrophy with lack of use), Commu is a two-part device designed to capture vocal-chord vibrations and translate them into speech, guiding the user through the process of enunciation and pronunciation. 

One half of the Commu sits on the throat, with a vibration-sensor capturing the nuances of the waves, to translate them into text. The other half of the Commu docks your phone, allowing it to display your speech waveforms, as the phone’s app uses AI to determine whether the sentences spoken were clear or not. Gradual progress helps users retain powers of speech even though they can’t hear speech on a day-to-day basis.

Inclusive Design...

Marie van Driessche - Inclusive Design, More than you hear - Designing for deaf people, for everyone actually from Wawel Hill on Vimeo.

The language of Yoda use, apparently, we! (Pity we don't have his ears....)

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Speaking Videos


Want a Job?

DON'T mention you went to deaf school on your CV. [Or that you don't know what captioning is for].

Sunday, 30 June 2019

ISL. What is it for?

#1 Is International Sign Language universal ?   

Someone has asked.  There were numerous replies that said yes but ATR disagrees, especially when he asked what was being said and there were no captions or narrative supplied and few of that watching could explain.. No it isn't.  ISL is barely understood by most who use own country/area signing. These videos are unviewable outside the European Union who promotes sign as a matter of rote more than in support of it.  The WFD is a joke mostly.  Omitting speech and captions is depriving most deaf of actual access UNLESS they use this 'ISL' (Which is discrimination actually).  It's a novelty concept a 'one sign that fits all..' but is unlikely to happen given the growing demands for own country recognition and the considerable variation of skills and education.  

You have to be pretty expert and fluent in at least one signed access area to be 'bilingual' in another, or you have no 'in' to it. Since when did sport need a signed narrative anyway? 

Those of you who can remember 'Deaf Mosiac' will recall it took SIX interpreters to hold a discussion when just 3 signers were discussing world sign language access, the cross-translation issue dissolved pretty much to Farce when after it finished deaf asked what on earth the debate was about and the ASL contingent complained mainly because demands for a signing 'Norm' are opposed via the Deaf on the grounds it opposes regional signing and norms.  It's like asking us all to learn Chinese/Spanish/English after all, more people speak that so...

Attitude changes and deaf culture.

Deaf Culture; An Atitudinal Change from Ed Video Media Arts Centre on Vimeo.

A fact she forgets to mention is the huge financial and translation support costs for their inclusion and acceptance is a reality e.g. Here.   We know a right to work is essential, but her suggestion everyone ignores the reality of being deaf and accept it is some 'cultural' phenomenon needs to be clarified.  It's as she stated a NON-Hereditary issue given families are predominantly hearing not deaf.  It's easy to suggest people look beyond the disability or accept there isn't one (!), but the visual proof is in the proverbial pudding.  Whether the 'deaf clubs' can replace deaf schools re-education is debatable.  What they are acquiring in the few deaf clubs left here in the UK is a culture based on Chinese whispers and where the more able pretty much determine what that 'education' is.  

Whilst discrimination does exist (It exists for all disabled, not just the deaf), it doesn't help to heap 'blame' on the very people you need onside.  Of course, what isolates the deaf is sign language, and a lack of confidence to integrate or even attempt to, mostly it's a long list of pre-demands first before they will try.  The fact they prefer not to and stay 'with own people..' is self-defeating too.  Only by deaf creating own demand and pitching in where they can, will break the vicious circle of adopting the position of martyrdom frankly.  The world is 'out there' not just in a deaf setting of sign users, who, are a minority within own deaf area.

At the core, ATR does not feel preaching 'everyone is against us..' is any help at all.  We all need to bite the bullet and step out of that comfort zone, who knows, maybe then the hearing majority will feel if they try, then we will.  Deaf awareness has failed and continues to fail, and the more we 'demand' the less empathy we seem to get because there are literally 1,000s of areas demanding their 10 pence worth too, what makes YOU so special?  Making more effort?  There are many with hearing loss who never use sign language at all, never have access to work and just get on with it. Hard of Hearing don't even create their loss awareness any more, and appear to have solved the access questions, are these 'Deaf' just creating a barrier because it tends to highlight sign and culture, ergo if everyone signs then its not a novelty, and culture ceases to have major relevance.

Is it even in the 'Deaf' interests to be included?  Culture or the pursuit of it, has actually created jobs for the deaf, and, also created a questionable area of deaf people whose motives are far from culturally driven.

Stormzy and BSL

I've no idea what grime is but.... The U.K. grime star Stormzy staged an epic Glastonbury Festival set on Friday night, but the real star of the night was out in the crowd.

Tara Asher is a British Sign Language interpreter, and — according to the BBC's Colin Paterson — is also one of only four who specializes in signing grime. On Friday, Asher brought her talents to Stormzy's Glastonbury set, where she translated his entire set into BSL.  (For anyone who might not know, "grime" is a musical genre born in the U.K. that's like a blend of dancehall and hip hop.)

Asher's performance — there's no better word to describe her contribution to the show —  is a delight. She apparently spent an entire day rehearsing for each of the songs she performed. It shows.  Only 4 British Sign Language interpreters in the UK are specialists in Grime. Tara Asher signed Stormzy’s Glasto set for deaf festival goers. 

She rehearsed each song for a day. This is joyous. She LOVES her job.

More videos on Link.