Sunday, 7 July 2019

Blink, and you will miss it.

In a week that saw ATR exceed 2m audience figures, and add another 8,000 to it, (thanks guys). Tune in HERE and see what you missed.

Cultural hype exposed?

A recent 'plug' going around extolling deafness via Beethoven was exposed as highly misleading and wrong on a UK Hard of Hearing site.

"This is a load of cultural hoo ha, Beethoven wasn't born deaf but acquired hearing loss (Nor profound deafness then), at age 26.   He was already a competent composer and musician BEFORE he went deaf and able to use what diminished hearing he had to continue.  His abilities after were down to memory recall and learnt behaviour as a hearing person.  He owed nothing to deafness or culture he took no part in either.  The two primary icons of deaf culture Beethoven and Helen Keller are questioned, neither were part or parcel of the deaf community, but 'adopted' by deaf cultists later. Deaf all sign all part of culture etc.  The UK use Evelyn Glennie too,  but she never signed and is a near perfect lip-reader.

Well over 71% of successful 'Deaf' had better lip-reading skills or had a hearing background (Acquired deaf people), too.  In the UK the most successful 'deaf school' is an oral-based one as there are no deaf schools that rely on sign.  Is it not time to bury the myth of sign and culture and start include facts?  In the scheme of things being  a success IN a deaf world doesn't really count, it is not a tried and tested one outside it."