Monday, 8 July 2019

10 things I wish everyone read about...

Image result for 10 thingsA recent response to the 'Awareness' complaints dept (There you go there are dozens of them apparently), that not enough of the mainstream knows we got an issue they need to know about and at least 10-15 major points to note before you come anywhere near us without them being ingrained deep in your psyche, and via a go-between, (in case they try to include or accept us), which goes against everything we stand for really...

My pet hates are still those 'what not to say to..' and '10 hints and tips when meeting...', or '10 things you should never under pain of real death say to us...'  I haven't bothered to include them because they all say the same thing anyway and none of it works...

What an annoyance it all is, and of course mostly,  it is posted online to closed 'disability/deaf' sites to the people who see these things as 'raising real awareness', a bit like buying an expensive torch and not having any batteries in it because you only go out in the daylight anyway.  Charities are major culprits but amateur awareness raisers put them out with annoying regularity when there is a need to bump up a few sympathy votes too.  Mostly,  they seem to have run out of valid ideas to promote awareness and they all repeat themselves till our eyes bleed.   I did it myself twice just to see if that was true and it pretty much was.

The people who would most likely benefit by seeing these things (Or not, most is a downright lecture that turns me off frankly), don't see them anyway, what IS this disability/Deaf drive to talk to themselves? Preaching to the already converted?  Unless someone without an issue in the system logs in who sees them? perhaps someone can explain it to me?  Presenting yourself at POC (Point of contact), can raise real awareness, and only then of YOUR particular issue and yourself, as for sure any mention/inclusion of 'me' or 'us' or 'disabled' or 'deaf' or the 259+ other terms/disabilities and random issues and degrees around, is bound to invite a plague of locusts on anyone who uses them in what is perceived as the 'wrong context' or 'not applicable to me', and it all sort of deteriorates into 'isms's', 'ics', 'pics'.. and 'nobody speaks for me..',  or even the old standby, discrimination can be dusted off if all else fails.

Image result for plague of locusts bibleIts a bloody minefield of pointless nonsense mostly that enables the disenfranchised or the permanently pissed off,  to form a clique to go at everyone else, and assume the immediate ID of the martyr to the cause whatever that is, I don't think anyone really knows or cares anymore, but the point is we can feel teed off with others who feel teed off.  Community, probably not as we know it but....

Apologies if anyone was omitted but... I've stopped caring basically I've my own issues...  I leave saving the universe to Marvel comics.  It's time the disabled/deaf online got out a bit more.  'Coming out' isn't just for alcoholics, and slot machine addicts.....  We could have a flag too it's all the rage I gather.... or capitalise our issue to show them and any pretenders, who really suffers here.   I rather fear disability unity like the deaf version, is a total mess/myth anyway, its the age of the individual, not the collective. Me, My Issue, what I need etc... of course, the system loves this, we divide ourselves saving them the trouble, and social media would collapse without it, and then where would Facebook and Google make their money?   They would have to rely on IS or AL Queda to survive...

Image result for saving the universeEven as the DWP hastens the death of our peers, '10 things you need to do...' takes a higher priority and gets more reads. We are trapped in our own conundrum, we need unity, but we cannot endorse it and still raise what we perceive as own needs as a priority.  The individual versus what passes for a community.   

N.B.  If you have been offended by any of this post, or disagree with the poster, at least it shows you are alive... don't write in, I never read criticism anyway.

APD Versus Hard of Hearing.

APD is not the inability to hear. It’s the inability to interpret, organize, or analyze what’s heard. All the parts of the hearing pathway are working well. But parts of the brain are not. Some symptoms of APD in children are very similar to the symptoms of a hearing loss. So they’re often confused. But they’re not the same thing. 

Unlike hearing loss, APD cannot be diagnosed in infancy. Experts have different opinions on when a child’s brain is mature enough to be diagnosed with APD. Some say as early as 4 years and others say not until 12. But the majority of experts say 6 is the earliest, and that it’s best to wait until a child is 7 or 8 years old. This is because children develop at different rates.

What the UK thinks of Trump

The idiot on the left is a contender for the UK premiership, the USA thinks IT has problems lol.

Seeing the Invisible.

Image result for invisible disabilities

As I was going up the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today,
I wish that he would go away.

Nobody has yet told us HOW you can make an invisible disability visible? From observations what I see is those with them doing all they can to keep as LOW a profile as possible. Of course, this then defeats the awareness point, doesn't it? With the best will in the world, our long-suffering mainstreamers expected to be aware and accommodate every issue that exists, aren't mind-readers. The biggest issue is confidence, or, lack of it.  Maybe address that first?  If it is invisible you cannot see it, simples...

Sign Supported English

The antidote to poorly signed 'BSL' grammar?

Why Bob and Betty signed...

You can understand a parent communicating with their child, I would too, but I think as a means to an end, not as a total acceptance sign is the sole means a deaf child can succeed with, as sadly, statistics don't support that theory.  There is a danger of nurturing sign reliance and not encouraging or examining viable alternatives and other means they can also use.  Sign alone is still a major barrier because support is not there to make access universal.  Parents are the areas that drive advances and make initial life-changing decisions for the deaf, so must look at all avenues of communication.  A Deaf 'life' is NOT inevitable, don't believe all that they claim about the community either.  Apart from city areas etc there is none of note.