Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Signing at the work face.

Employment tip: Do I tell them?

Jobs, and Surveys

We saw a recent publicity blurb from the AOHL asking people what they need to keep a job if they have deafness or hearing loss. "We need you to tell us what support you need to thrive in the workplace. Take our survey now..."  This assumed they HAVE a job and 63% do not.  

It also offers a link to 'survey monkey', ATR won't include, we wonder who is making a monkey out of whom.  ATR sought out the official AOHL site regarding how many hearing/Hard of hearing staff worked there and came up with zero.  We know there are staff in Wales, we know there is no site because everything gets redirected to England.  We would welcome the AOHL declaring for ATR's survey 

"How many deaf are working at executive level at AOHL'?

'How many paid employees of AOHL are there with hearing loss and deafness.'?

'Is AOHL having financial issues?'

They recently offered to pay visa costs for immigrant hearing employees from Europe.  While employers have ready access to hearing applicants who don't pose access issues, or need support, nothing will change. It would appear even access to work grants of near £1,000 a WEEK won't entice employers to take the deaf on. I could suggest AOHL itself which has NO deaf in its executive at this time, could start addressing issues in its own area. The only people raising HoH awareness at the AOHL are... HEARING PEOPLE.

Anecdotal evidence suggests 93% of all employees at AOHL have no hearing loss. Should not charity, begin at home?