Sunday, 18 August 2019

Ye--haaaaa ! (Monthly round up).

Social Media views contd...

Hearing Impaired Badges & Pins.

"I never saw a valid reason for advertising my hearing loss with badges and cards etc. In the UK a hearing loss group created the 'I am hard of hearing please face me, speak clearly..' cards and badges, the deaf community panned it. They said 'this makes us targets and doesn't include sign language..'. this lack of inclusion and unity is decimating real awareness."

"So let me get this clear with the terminology ... (btw, I'm on the fence with badges and cards myself - never have used them myself, but occasionally wish I did, and thought it might be something for the OP to consider for those occasions) ... "a HEARING LOSS group created the 'I am hard of hearing please face me, speak clearly..' cards and badges, the DEAF community panned it." . Is that correct? The Deaf shut down something the hearing impaired wanted?"

"Not shut down as such, just refused to endorse it. The UK 'Deaf' community does not work with the hearing loss ones here in the UK, except to claim funding, THEN they become 'people with a sensory loss', otherwise, they are a 'culture' and a persecuted 'community'. I suspect this is the USA case too in many respects although their remits seem more inclusive than ours do. Is that a con job too?  They need to claim deafness as a disability otherwise they don't get funding or welfare of course."

"I wonder if this all feeds into the issue of 'hidden disability' problems?  You have one side suggesting we need to be identified to get the empathy we need, whilst the other doesn't need to identify, as their communication usage does that for them?"

"I doubt there is an answer to the hidden disability problem, basic and individual insecurity prevents most being identified, once they declare their issue openly, they also have to 'front up' and make a lot more effort facilitating that empathy, most don't possess those skills."

"The deaf are not exactly playing fair as funding is not being seen applied to alleviate communication issues but to promote cultural output and campaigns instead. Either they are disabled or they aren't.  Hard of Hearing generally, tend to agree it is a disabling condition but get little or no funding or support for that."

"We don't really know WHAT the hard of hearing are doing any more, they aren't campaigning, they aren't challenging inequalities or questionable claims from sign users etc. It was suggested they all use technology now and don't need 'support' or want a system whereby translators/minders are involved. Of course the deaf accept all these things, it is all they know.  They are pretty adept at calling it something else too."

"Hard of hearing were accused of only being deaf when it suits them, the deaf are accused of only having hearing loss when it suits them.  The UK's welfare arm appears to suggest none of them has any at all.  I don't think the hearing loss area ever makes sense, there is too much confusion about it."

"Unless individuals fight their corner there is no UK set up as I know that would champion those. Charity is dead and unsupported, run by people with no loss, and perhaps because they exist as 'carers' for us and we don't like that presumption."

UK's Corbyn pleads for selection.

A letter sent to fellow MP's and to different political parties, begging them to elect him as UK Prime Minister because his own party and the Electorate won't vote for him.  His dates are wrong too.