Friday, 30 August 2019

Deaf and Brexit

I don't think this covers a lot of realities regarding Mr Johnsons's request to prorogue the UK parliament, or has anything specific to do with deaf people everybody on this Island is at risk.  As regards to the deaf we have no interest in 'World Deaf' setups or EU deaf ones, just one single charity takes a passing interest that's all 5 PEOPLE!  ATR is a supporter of leaving the European Union.  You can adjudge whether that means bias or not, but the reality is the UK is polarised anyway.

Why did leavers vote to leave?

There was actually a 10 year 'run-up' to the David Cameron suggestion we should hold a referendum to stay or leave, because there were too many concerns the 'Union' was developing into a superstate with no clear identification of who was actually running it and the concerns  just two countries (Germany and France), were 'carving up' the union for dual rule over it all.

Initially, the 'common market' created well over 40 years ago consisted of just 6 'affluent' countries, what later emerged was 22 others joining up and those original 6 being obliged to financially provide support for a lot of them who had emerged from the failed USSR etc.  This was in addition to considerable financial aid from the USA.  It's time the UK and USA stopped being mugged by Europe.  It cost the UK approximately £35B a year, but the UK was/is struggling itself and the costs kept rising and the UK voice/input being eroded year on year.  We aren't an affluent country, and been in austerity mode for 10 years we haven't the means to be 'Lady Bountfiul' any more and there are many demands for a cut in foreign aid too we can't afford it and we owe trillions its madness.  Sound economics it ain't.

We voted to leave, because of real concerns about illegal immigration, no rule over own laws, human rights being abused, lax or non-extant rules on addressing those, and frankly the EU boast about it 'without borders' and operating a 'free trading' set up and 'freedom to roam' option was exposed as putting the UK at huge risk of terrorism.  The EU has no borders with the middle east, Turkey or North Africa, the boat people came and kept coming across the Meditteranean encouraged by German help who wanted 1m of them to bolster their national staff shortages.  They got Germans on the street demanding they all leave.

The UK complained, far from these 'immigrants' having a viable skill of any kind, they arrived with no education, health issues, no English, and no skills at all, and unable to integrate, creating huge issues of support, and the UK claims unsustainable pressures on its welfare/education systems.  The UK 'rule' was skilled people or genuine asylum seekers only.  In reality the first wave of boat people removed the viability of defining who was an asylum seeker we got flooded with illegal migrants who utilised the asylum laws to prevent us from repatriating them.  

Most were clearly 'job-seeking' or 'looking for a better life' etc. They were paying smugglers a lot of money to get to countries they were not entitled to enter, this decried their claims they were leaving poverty for a better life or were asylum-seeking.  In the UK yesterday we saw 15 illegals returned to France who has paid £3,000 each to get to the UK, they were openly stating they would pay to try again.  Yet, none were viable asylum seekers in France.

Remainers mostly liberal and left-wing voters, seized upon concerns to label the leave voter as racist and cruel and denying help to those who needed it.  They insisted our 'free trade' agreement and freedom to go where we like in Europe was a definite advantage and the EU sent a few £Billion to the UK every year to aid our poor areas too, this was basically a lie, as what the EU parliament allocated to the UK in the form of 'Grants' were actually part of the money we sent them every year, the UK never had ANY money from Europe the 40 odd years we were members of it and the balance of 'free trade' was also a myth in that again, the UK had never shown any profit in all its time as members, the EU however DID.  Leavers suggested we in the UK were being abused and asset-stripped by the EU we were never full members.

It did not stop, the UK parliament collapsed in disarray as MP's failed in their duty and took against the leave majority vote.    It has escalated into a divided Britain and now it is about ensuring the UK democracy is replaced by minority or mob rule instead.  Your vote no longer matters.   The remain areas insisting we vote again and again (Just as Ireland did) until the voter agrees to remain in the EU.

For 3 and a half years these rows have gone on mainly because the original draft of a new trade deal supported by the EU was voted down 3 times BY the UK MP's, and they rejected 11 amendments for any alternative, in essence, MPs' had decided to stop Brexit happening by any means they could.  It was inevitable given the eternal stalemate where nobody was really making any headway and MP's had disgraced their office and electorate, someone like Boris Johnson would play them at their own 'game'.

Legally, and as the new PM, he has a right to formulate his priorities for the foreseeable time of his office, to do that a 'breathing space' to form those options is allowed for any new PM to request, setting up new proposals, different staff offices etc. to carry it through, every prime minister in a 100 years has done this where parliament does not sit until a set time has elapsed.  The 'delay' they claim is unacceptable is 4 days, and in 2014 was considerably longer by the new PM then so that's rubbish.  

Of course, there are those who suggest he timed that to coincide with the fast-approaching exit date from the EU, I would say so What?  At least someone is (A) MAKING a decision (B) Respecting the result of the original vote to leave and (C) Putting an end to the relentless inertia that is going on. The EU won't budge, if they do then they face at least 6 other member states to follow our exit lead.  There is a lot to play for.  Germany and France have lined up against the UK as has London itself lined up, against the rest, the reality is 28 member states have no democratic say at all, as all negotiations have been with Mrs Merkle alone and Macron, so much for Brussels having any point.   

Watching our TV sets of daily Parliament coverage we see 100s of people waving a flag that isn't ours and demanding EU rule over our country.

There are unfounded claims disabled would lose help and rights if we leave the EU, we feel that is another lie as disability rights such as they do exist were won from 1914 onwards by UK Trade unions.  It IS true disability rights have been eroded drastically, that is down to our own state welfare arm waging war on the disabled and vulnerable, they also want a 'USA-based' health system based on ability to pay which we don't want.  Since we joined the EU they have had no impression on what went on.  The 'Gig' economies still run, discriminations still exist, immigration is still out of control etc.. wages haven't kept pace the last 15 years, trade is on par with jungle natives being given beads.  The EU has been instead obsessed with trivia and gender rights.

Our 'enemy' on human rights is as much the EU as our own government decision making.  Rule of law must be retained in the UK itself our own government being held responsible for its own crimes. We cannot be treated as an 'outpost' stuck on the end of Europe and we won't. The die is pretty much cast now we CANNOT go back to the old status quo, the EU would eliminate our ability to govern ourselves.  We did not fight two world wars for that to happen.

Leave voters are attacked as stupid, ignorant, illiterate, and the 'great unwashed' those insults have become minor now as nobody is spared an attack and 'project fear' is the norm of the argument.  The biggest victim is our democracy, we handed that to Europe and they took full advantage of abusing it.  No deal, or a deal makes no difference.  It will take years for any dust to settle.  ATR does not think the UK has any choice but to leave if only on security concerns as France is allowing their illegals to launch boats from their coastline to get here and demanding we fund THEIR border or else expect more of the same.  They don't want them so happy to turn a blind eye as they go elsewhere.  Mexico and the USA had the same problem.

The EU abandoned their borders and left Spain Portugal, Italy, Malta, Cyprus etc to be swamped by 1,000s every week, the UK could never sustain anything like that as an Island.  The USA cannot sustain that despite the size of their country where the illegality is in millions.  The EU parliament has ignored pleas for effective border control. As a result, Italy is banning them from landing, jailing aid agency operators helping them and eastern bloc members re-installing hard borders with wire and troops,  defying the EU own rules, rules, remainers here are saying we must obey. One 'rule' for Europeans another for the UK? not on is it?