Tuesday, 3 September 2019

In defence of Audists.

This poster never fails to raise a few incredulous smiles (And often acute embarrassment if you are deaf), but every minority area has its extremes, what this one lacks is a real sense of world understanding. Deaf prisons for deaf people?  And who will send them there? deaf juries? set up in deaf cities?   It's time these fanatics of the deaf world were not just humoured and tolerated but were pensioned off somewhere or receive reality and common-sense treatment.

The rabid pursuit of culture by the obvious few who don't really get out much, and who blindly ignore the real desire and wishes of deaf people to become included and accepted, he counters against deaf activism by other deaf who want to see progress made.  Audism competes with paranoia with those who cannot envisage inclusion or acceptance if not on own terms and in some sort of comfortable isolation set up where hearing are not included, or deaf who don't feel as they do.  Some sort of Deaf apartheid, and no doubt with him at the top of this weird deaf elite, erm, no thanks!

Deaf haven't spent their lifetime campaigning to be accepted to then end up back where we started. Are these anti-audists trying to install some 'sect' consisting of dissolutioned deaf who feel better off if we all just pay lip service to acceptance, equality and inclusion? and protect the glorious isolation approach of all deaf together in a deaf school, attending deaf-only clubs,  sent to deaf prisons, and sentenced by deaf jurors, using only sign language, and located in deaf cities?  

I suspect put to any vote (Or Jury!), he would not see the light of day for some time.  You cannot get accepted and included via shouting from behind a wall of indifference and fostering suspicion toward others, you have to be out there pitching and making your point.  Accept we have to compromise for the common good too.

If these deaf cannot see that their image of demanding to be included and accepted comes from behind a wall of suspicion and language division making it impossible, there is no hope of inclusion for deaf communities anywhere.  I'm not a deaf fundamentalist seeking martyrdom and neither are the rest of us. By default, he is stating we want to be apart and do own thing, and ludicrously on own terms too, if he cannot see that has no hope whatever of succeeding, then there really is no hope for the deaf pursuing that approach.  In it to win it holds true.

Especially, and given, this deaf poster blocks responses and challenges clearly displaying an inability to defend his very obscure viewpoint, or provide a text narrative or captioning so someone else beside himself has a clue what he is saying..   Audism, like the Paddy Ladd fiasco are defunct concepts, they only ever suggested division.  Culture is essentially a luxury, inclusion and acceptance is a right and a necessity as is more acceptance regarding language formats we deaf use so we aren't forever on the backfoot and relying incidentally, on HEARING to facilitate us.  

He would call this reliance and dependency a right and empowerment, but the very obvious image of the opposite is pretty visual too. So he compounds the issue by demanding separatism is a cultural right and want too?  Keeping deaf away from 'nasty' and discriminating hearing people. Deaf awareness clearly stopped there!