Saturday, 7 September 2019

State of the Union Brit style.

This is how the 'Mother of all Parliaments' does it. Who gives a S.H.I.T.  for Europe?  we don't!

High Functioning Autsim.

ATR has an Autistic son. Too many myths abound about those with Autism, it seems a lot stems from a few films like 'Rain Man' that came out that did not show the range or degrees OF Autism and a myth then evolved all Autstics were high functioning.  In some areas, it became some sort of fashionable issue to excuse bad behaviour and got confused with ADHD. This had a knock-on effect of autistics being attacked or ignored even called bad people, some parents started doubting the medical opion and diagnosis and themselves.

There are autistics with no speech, autistics who never stop speaking, some who have brilliant minds and others unable to read, write, communicate or relate to anyone or anything.  Not all autistics have mental health issues.  They just see the world differently from us.  What can affect them can be anything from a colour, a feeling, or a sound.  My son would not enter certain shops despite there being no obvious difference to one entered before.  You just have to go with it.  It may be the lighting is too strong, not enough, or the actual layout of the shop disorientates him or a man or woman he observed coughing in there.

He will tell off people if they cough, it really unsettles him.  High functioning autism demands higher acceptances of accommodating it, just as it does with low functioning autistics.  As no two are the same there is no set rule to lay down and no set awareness to deliver.  Like deaf or disabled we are all different and all have our own idea of how acceptance and being accommodated works best for us.  Why should it be different from anyone else?  What IS the 'norm' anyway?

Ruby's Story

I do find these videos of the deaf rather depressing this is the 21stc or supposed to be.  Rightly, it was identified the fact deaf people were using unskilled and biased family help, sadly not then stating deaf need to stop doing this, no doubt as this would remove the option of charities to do it instead.  ATR has run many 'DON'T USE THE FAMILY HELP' campaigns aimed at deaf people, not least because the last few years of welfare assessments has meant 60% lost all entitlement who did, who as stated, are NOT qualified to act as interpreters unless they have passed relevant exams, do not understand welfare assessments or form filling, or can offer advice, but who are in essence making the decisions for deaf relatives endorsed by a state welfare arm well aware of these facts.  If an Interpreter turned up with the same skills as many relatives appear to lack, they would be complained about or removed.

We saw a man of 23 who still relied on his mother to do everything connected with the system and making phone calls etc, he had NEVER used a BSL interpreter.

As regards to rambling on about English not being a first language it is, and it is about time this myth was buried, the grammar is pigeon-English and an excuse to not identify the fact BSL grammar doesn't work with the systems and there just aren't the signs to make it viable.  Ask any BSL interpreter how they view BSL skills WITH deaf people, it is alarmingly poor. 

Basically, campaigners are insisting deaf should sign and master a different grammar to the country instead, that sounds utterly negative, the options of getting everything delivered to these minority deaf (They aren't a majority one who demand BSL only), how on earth is that supposed to liberate, or include deaf people? by NOT enabling them to follow mainstream?    I speak French, therefore, the mainstream must learn it too?

By assuming if they campaign enough every hearing person will adopt sign language?  What is in it for hearing to do that? The lie is that sign is a right/choice and nothing else really works really needs to be buried too.  It is a cultural 'dream', not a reality.  95% of everything online is in text, which acknowledges the deaf can read and follow English, deaf groups are using English to lobby for non-English access, it doesn't make sense and culture have been outed as being 'economical with the truth' and being duplicitous.

They don't know what they want, but they want it now.  If deaf want to be able to follow the systems and be included they are going to HAVE to re-adjust their attitudes to sign language reliance and start realising they are always going to be sidelined until they adopt alternatives.  I don't believe any deaf person is demanding reliance for life, but, BSL is enabling that to happen, so what price inclusion?  We all saw what reliance on relatives did for the deaf, they lost out.  The deaf demanded to be at a disadvantage as a right?  go figure!  

The fact they have to go to areas which specialise also suggests inclusion is never going to happen for these deaf, they are demanding specialism, a specialism they would not need if educational/Communication approaches were created to avoid that.  One could also ask why deaf people are leaving schools and then abandoning any attempt to widen their communication horizon?   Not even to be able to fill in own forms?  They appear to enter adulthood accepting some reality the family or system will provide for them.  This lady was middle-aged and appeared to have no way to read a form properly.  How did she manage her life before?  In supporting deaf people the systems or charities have removed any onus on them to do for themselves, ironically it is justified because they sign and everyone else doesn't sign, ergo its everyone else's fault.

Many leave a deaf school NOT able to sign well or read or write adequately either, rather than campaign for free further education to overturn the deaf school inertia approaches they stagnate and end up excluded and unsupported instead, even that situation will not prompt these deaf to address their issue, there appears no answer to this deadlock of culture versus access and inclusion, every campaign they run is a demand for HELP and the excuse is, everyone else is to blame for that.

The real disability with the deaf is a refusal to adapt and justifying culture or sign language as the excuse.