Monday, 16 September 2019

Demands for EGM at BDA being ignored.

As the BDA refuses to acknowledge the online petition or respond to it on their site, ATR includes sample comments here for their failed and blinkered executive to read.  On the social media British Deaf Association members are becoming demoralised after BDA executive refused to respond to a request for an EGM or an explanation as to why 6 trustees have resigned one after another.    They appear terrified what they say goes into the public domain.  

This deaf charity in the UK that prided itself on being 'BSL/Member exclusive,' and being dedicated to including 'Deaf people', their rights, their inclusion, their sign language, perhaps they mean applied elsewhere and NOT to their charity?  Do what we say not what we do?

Everything is being discussed behind closed doors and in secret, including changes to their remit to now saving the universe, not just deaf people from nasty hearing, looks like desperation to us, albeit they witheld informing members for nearly 10 months, they only knew when someone NOT deaf picked it up on perusal of the Charity commission.  No wonder 6 trustees did a runner, young and active deaf who can carry these deaf into real inclusion not rely on paranoia/fear to keep deaf where they are.  When we take into account recent collapses of charity run systems by the sign user as a result of poor and amateur financial mismanagement, with the loss of 130 jobs and support for over a 1,000 vulnerable deaf, perhaps deaf better off without these charities at all, the irony being the bastion of BSL in the UK has few BSL members they are leaving in droves following the trustees.

Are the petitioners losing heart?    Looks like the BDA is following the approach of the RNID/AOHL in ditching member inclusion and closing them out by ignoring input until petitioners get fed up asking them questions they don't want to answer. 

ATR approached all the trustees who resigned asking for reasons why they left,  all were running scared of being quoted, and they were subject to some 'gagging' clause in that they are legally obliged to say nothing. This was how the RNID got rid of their BSL Exec too.  Charities should not be above investigation so why isn't the charity commission itself contacting this deaf charity to ascertain claims they are violating their remit to their members?  What IS going on at the BDA? Alleged online claims members (And Trustees), were being bullied can only be settled by public scrutiny.  Why hasn't the public input?  given they rely on public funding?

Currently, the BDA has long term investment, and £100,000 plus in debt, they must be careful surely of recent changes via the charity commission regarding the effective running of their financial affairs, the C.C. is getting very concerned about the poor financial running of many charities and is changing the rules regarding trustees direct access to accounts too.  Were BDA trustees asking the executive too many questions?

#1 (From the online petition instigator), 'I'm disappointed that there had been no reply to our call for EGM from the board or response to our petition."

#2  "I am shocked, but well done for persevering - I am proud of you for trying..'.

#3   "Disappointed with BDA!"

#4   "I am shocked to know that BDA failed to answer you no wonder why a lot of Trustees left."