Friday, 27 September 2019

What do you expect to hear?

Workplace tips for those with hearing loss

From the Horses Mouth

Still, desperation and frustrations from Hard of Hearing media, desperate to learn to lip-read and near all failing.  Read below some comments..  Time for a new approach to hearing loss?  They must be bored sh*tless reading about online ear wax cures,  and videos like these most still cannot follow, or Hearing Aid repair tips!  Also that vlogs don't work at all, as none of it reflects real-time situations and no area in the UK operates a viable lip-SPEAKING service even if you adopt it.  The fact the vlog uses text means few of us are even looking at the lips but reading the text instead.

#1  Hmmm.... is it ok for me to say..... it drives me up the wall ? More people than..... i like to admit.............. talks this way. It brings out the worst in me. And i fear people judge me because i carry an inner frustration from this. Sometimes i worry people do it on purpose or ...... maybe it is their natural way of speaking.... by sound.. not by lips. I wonder if their voices has a clarity even when the lips does not. It's one of my greatest defeats that makes me question why i am on this earth when i cannot easily lipread. Lipreading is a battle to understand and be a part of things. i failed in one way but gained in other senses.

#2  Lipreading 8s very very hard and it's mostly guess work. Some "experts" say that the best lipreaders in the world only gets 50% accuracy. I've been lipreading 60+ years and some people I can't lipread until I've known them for years. People without English as.their first language are the worse. Personally I don't thing people do anything on purpose to make it hard they just.aren't aware of how difficult they appear. I had one head teacher who lips never moved except up and down parallel to each other, his mouth was like a letterbox!

ATR:  I don't believe lip-reading is viable for most who could benefit from it.  Those areas are mostly over 50s etc losing hearing and still reliant on HA, the way LR is taught utilises the fact they STILL have useful hearing, so whatever they do manage to learn goes out the window when the aid proves of little use.  Unless they teach LR to people with their HA OFF they won't master it to any degree of use because the reliance is still on hearing.  Far better LR and BSL classes were scrapped in favour of a more holistic approach of communication skills.  The huge variance in HA usage, the difference in ages, and ability to learn etc probably suggest a class approach as pretty useless and one on one more effective and tailored to the person.  

The sole point of LR classes seems NOT to be aimed at learning the skill but to encourage those feeling isolated to meet like afflicted people to acquire social skills again, but I believe that isn't actually helping because those really struggling still get left out of the classes, mainly because tutors cannot cope with just one really struggling pupil as it disrupts the rest via need and time they require.  LR is, an impossible aim to most as it stands and if you are failing to learn it you can get even more discouraged.  I really do not think current approaches work at all.  The worst aspect is there is NO end aim,, nobody is really meant to attain a level of skill, no course as such so learn or not? it doesn't matter?  

It's time they addressed hearing loss properly its a serious and debilitating condition that mostly gets worse, not better. As regards to 'social need' that comes with better communication skills not just moving sideways so you are just with people struggling too.  The whole LR 'course' with no aim, lasts just an hour or two for a few months a year, you can ask what is the point or value to that.  It's time HoH faced the reality very few if any are benefitting by this random approach and guesswork to attaining skills we really really need to acquire.  Nobody is taking it seriously.

#3 Brutal ATR, but I see what you are trying to say, lip-reading classes is all we have somewhere else can we go?  I didn't gain any lip-reading skill myself from 2 years of attending classes, but I made some friends so that helped.  perhaps we can justify lip-reading classes for that?

#ATR:  Erm.. no, not really, I'm being realistic perhaps.